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Sitefinity SDK

The Sitefinity Software Development Kit (SDK) includes the dlls you need for Telerik's developer productivity tools, OpenAccess ORM as well as sample repositories for our how-to tutorials and sample projects. The SDK is designed to increase the developers' productivity and provide starter projects and guidance on achieving different application scenarios, meeting your project requirements and developing widgets for the marketplace.

As of Sitefinity CMS version 7.0, Sitefinity's SDK is no longer shared in the form of a samples-browser. The content is now shared as online resources on GitHub's Sitefinity organization


The Products sample project is a module that provides product listings built on top of a native content-based module in Sitefinity CMS. Content-based modules themselves are based on Generic Content and reuse much of the functionality available for generic content.


Using the Empty Project sample, you can build the project from scratch and make it ready for further modification and adding of custom modules.


The Akismet sample project demonstrates how you can use the Akismet service to filter spam in forum posts and comments. The Akismet sample uses the Sitefinity CMS event architecture. On the event of creating or updating an item, the Akismet service is called to verify whether the item is spam or not.


Common functionality for Sitefinity SDK samples


The Bug Tracker sample demonstrates how to use Sitefinity CMS together with MVC and Razor web pages.


The Corporate Starter Kit showcases all Sitefinity CMS features available out of the box in a aesthetically designed Quantum Portable Computers website. This starter kit is designed to help business users get up to speed quickly using Sitefinity CMS and gives developers a way to easily add custom features to it. The Quantum website is perfect for doing Sitefinity CMS demos to project stakeholders.


The Book widget is a Silverlight-based widget that displays all images uploaded in a selected album of Sitefinity CMS Images library. The sample features a widget created with RadBook, part of RadControls for Silverlight suite that is delivered with the Sitefinity SDK.


The Charity starter kit (Telerik Charity) can be used to quickly create an interactive and engaging non-profit website. Originally inspired by the Microsoft GiveCamp charity events, the Charity starter kit contains a suite of useful custom widgets and helps educate developers about Sitefinity CMS.


The CoverFlow widget is a Silverlight-based widget that displays all images uploaded in a selected album of Sitefinity Images library. The sample features a widget created with RadCoverFlow, part of RadControls for Silverlight suite that is delivered with the SDK. The RadCoverFlow is used to create a native Sitefinity widget.


Telerik International University (TIU) is a sample university website, which demonstrates how you can build an interactive and engaging university website using Sitefinity's default functionality. You can develop the website entirely through Sitefinity's web-based UI


The Date Picker sample projects contains a Forms widget with a custom widget designer. The user can drag and drop the DatePicker widget from the Forms toolbox and place the widget in a form. In the form, the widget defines a RadDatePicker that enables the user to choose a date. The custom widget designer of the form allows users to define a range that is automatically validated by the RadDatePicker built-in validation.


The Event Logger sample project is a simple module demonstrating how to use the new EventHub to subscribe to data events in Sitefinity CMS.


The Integration Tests sample project contains integration tests that you can run with the web test runner. This project is module-free.


The Jobs sample project demonstrates how to create a jobs module that allows users to submit jobs applications.


The NewsRotator sample project contains a simple Sitefinity CMS widget that rotates news and images present in the Sitefinity CMS backend. The sample features a custom designer that allows you to change the front-end rendering of the widget by switching its template. The NewsRotator widget is built on top of RadRotator widget, part of RadControls for ASP.NET Ajax delivered with this toolkit.


The Real Estate starter kit is developed for companies in the fields of real estate, tourism, and hospitality.


The Testimonials sample project is a simple user widget-based module for maintaining a list of testimonials that are submitted by users.


The Template Importer sample project comes together with the Template Importer Module that enables you to import in your Sitefinity CMS site any website template created through the Sitefinity Template Builder.


The Sitemap sample project showcases how to create a sitemap module that generates a search engine-friendly sitemap.xml file for your site. As a result, you can enjoy the SEO benefits of letting search engines know about your site structure.


The Locations sample project is a content-based module for maintaining a list of locations, such as office addresses, branch locations, an so on. The sample demonstrates the basic functionality of a content-based module.