Mobile CMS Tutorial

Watch the Mobile CMS tutorials below to learn how to create and manage responsive sites or generate mobile apps that leverage data, device sensors and geo-location services. Then, download the Sitefinity CMS trial and begin creating your own optimized mobile experience.

1Choose Your Mobile Development Strategy

In this video, Sitefinity covers three steps to jump start your mobile development strategy - Responsive Web Design, Mobile Apps, and Mobile Websites.

2Responsive Web Design

Create and manage websites that are optimized for the ever increasing variety of digital devices. This tutorial shows you how to eliminate the challenge of managing multiple column layouts and navigation so that they flow naturally in small device resolutions.

3Managing Navigation

Navigation is one of the most crucial elements of any website or application. In this video tutorial you will see how to configure and style the different menus that you have on your site and learn how to configure their responsive behavior.

4Mobile App Builder

Generate mobile apps that leverage CMS data, device sensors and geo-location services for a unique experience.  This tutorial shows you how to quickly create and deploy a mobile app using content from your CMS with Sitefinity Box. Create and deploy – but spend less time coding.