Whitepapers and Solution Briefs

  • SF_Magic Quadrant_WCM

    2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant Web Content Management (WCM)

    The 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management (WCM) is out and Progress has been named a Challenger.

    The Progress Sitefinity web experience management platform offers a solution for rapidly building high-impact digital experiences, with strengths in ease of deployment, usability and personalization. Read the report to learn more about Gartner’s evaluation of the market and our offering.
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    Whitepaper: Sitefinity CMS Security and Best Practices

    With data breaches a constant threat, security is not open to compromise. We receive a full spectrum of questions when it comes to addressing security in Progress Sitefinity CMS. This whitepaper addresses those questions by listing the most common threats organizations face today and what Sitefinity is doing to prevent them.
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    Sitefinity CMS 11 Performance

    Understanding detailed performance results for Sitefinity CMS helps organizations deploy and scale their business applications. This whitepaper aims to demonstrate performance under different load scenarios and to measure key performance metrics of Sitefinity CMS 11, such as CPU usage, DB performance, and available memory. The tests are executed on a single and multiple nodes with load balancer (NLB). With the graphic results you can easily compare the systems performance and make a decision on what would work best for your website.


  • Deleting Personally Identifiable Information

    Deleting Personally Identifiable Information

    If a user requests that you erase all of the information that can personally identify her or him from your website. The user may request this via email or other means. You can apply this procedure both to frontend and backend users. 

  • IDC Analyst Connection

    IDC Analyst Connection: Delivering on the Promise of a Great Customer Journey

    Immersive, engaging customer journeys have become competitive differentiators among today’s enterprises, with modern digital experience platforms powering these efforts. The right platform enables businesses to deliver highly personalized, omni-channel experiences and empowers organizations to craft the journeys customers want.

  • How to drive better performance with A/B Testing

    Drive Better Results with A/B Testing

    While A/B testing has been around for years, many marketers haven’t tapped into the full
    potential of experimentation. Controlled experimentation removes assumptions and guesswork by truly measuring the impact of explicit changes. This empowers brands to conduct true data-driven marketing that is tailored specifically to their target audience.
  • SF_personalization_checklist

    Your Personalization Checklist

    With 66% of consumers saying personalized offers and content have had an impact on their purchasing decisions, it is time to get started and reap the rewards of personalization.

    Knowing where to begin with your personalization strategy can be a challenge. A good place to start is with our Personalization Checklist. As you implement your personalization strategy, it will help guide you, ensuring you have all the answers and tools to succeed.

    The checklist will take you through key questions to identify buyer personas and metrics to measure success. It will also help you put the right tools in place and structure a launch plan, from segmenting your audience, to refining messaging and optimization.
  • 5 Tips to get Sitefinity Smarter

    5 Tips To Get Sitefinity Smarter

    Running and maintaining a CMS should not be an arduous task, just as the quest for
    optimization should not be overwhelming. Progress® Sitefinity™ offers a wide array of controls and services out of the box, and our dedicated Sitefinity team will work tirelessly to fulfill your business website needs.
  • Grid Report

    See How Sitefinity Stacks Up Against the Competition

    Find out why digital marketers, developers and IT users are choosing Progress Sitefinity to build and manage digital experiences in the 2018 Web Content Management Grid report.

  • Web Customization in 5

    Web Customization in 5

    Tailoring experiences for customers is critical to make your business standout.  Customization works well for organizations that want to enhance their standard customer experience but don’t have the necessary tools or strategy for in-depth personalization. Learn about the 5 best practices for customizing websites and the 5 biggest challenges marketers face while customizing their websites.
  • Personalization vs Customization

    Personalization vs. Customization: Clarifying the Confusion

    One of the biggest buzzwords for marketers over the past several years is personalization.
    When discussing this concept, people often use the terms “personalization” and “customization”interchangeably. Not clearly understanding the differences may explain why some businesseshave difficulty implementing better experiences for their customers.
  • The New Customer Journey is Just Beginning

    The New Customer Journey is Just Beginning

    The customer experience is incredibly important to business success and is often tied to customer engagement, retention rates, revenue, purchase frequency and overall loyalty. Today, the customer journey is incredibly complex, with everything from geographic location to data quality influencing the customer experience. As a result, brands may not be making the most of their customer experiences.

    However, with a mix of new technology combined with best practices, companies can regain control of the customer journey and create memorable experiences for their customers. Download this ebook to learn about:

    •    Five ways to further personalize the customer experience
    •    Strategies for delivering more engaging customer experiences
    •    Tools that can help businesses own the customer journey

    When it comes to engaging your customers, every moment matters. Build a better customer experience to capitalize on every opportunity.


  • 7TipsThumbnail_250x320

    Website Personalization: Seven Tips to Avoid a Static Online Presence

    Eric Odell

    Too many businesses still measure online success by the amount of traffic they drive to their website. They devote substantial budgets to improving search engine rankings and exposing their site to new visitors. But each visitor and customer is unique. Therefore, your web strategy should be as unique as they are. Today, your website visitors have higher expectations for their user experience. They expect personalized content relevant to their interests to help move them along their purchase decision. This white paper takes a close look at personalization, how it works, and the tools you need to tailor and deliver personalized content to your website visitors.  

  • Thumbnail 250x320

    Digital Transformation Kit

    Did you know?

    • 86% of organizations say they have 2 years to make inroads with digital transformation
    • 55% say they have a year or less, before they begin to suffer financially or from competitive threats. 
    • 59% are worried they may be too late

    To help you evaluate your organizational readiness for digital transformation, we put together a package to help you measure your current capabilities—from a technology and organizational perspective—as well as some information to help you plan ahead.

    The Digital Transformation Kit contains:

    • CMS Evaluation Guide: Learn about CMS capabilities that can enhance the customer experience
    • Digital Marketing Maturity Guide: Rate your usage of digital marketing technology
    • Data-Driven Marketing e-Book: Learn how to use the power of your data to drive growth


    Download the Digital Transformation Kit today.

  • sitefinity-dec-getting-started-guide

    Sitefinity DEC Getting Started Guide

    Getting started with the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud.

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    Digital Marketing Maturity: The Results Are In

    The Progress Digital Marketing Maturity Guide helps organizations determine the level of sophistication within their digital marketing operations. Using this guide, Progress worked with Dimensional Research to conduct a global survey of 700 marketing professionals gauging the level of digital marketing maturity across various verticals and company sizes. You can use these findings to benchmark your organization against other groups.

    Important survey findings include:

    • 80% of organizations require manual processes to get their systems to work properly
    • 87% of organizations are using big data and analytics to drive conversions
    • 69% of respondents stated their analytics solution is fully integrated, and they can see data in one place
    • The 700 respondents ranked as Intermediate on the digital marketing maturity scale as defined in the Digital Marketing Maturity Guide

    Download the whitepaper, “Digital Marketing Maturity: The Results Are In” to see how you compare with other digital marketing groups and identify areas you can improve.

  • the-sitefinity-platform-brochure-oct2017

    The Sitefinity Platform Brochure

    The Content Management and Digital Marketing Platform

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    Digital Marketing Maturity Evaluation Guide

    Digital Marketing is, by its very nature, technology driven. It requires organizations to implement technology platforms and use them effectively in an integrated fashion. That is the road to Digital Marketing Maturity.

    The Digital Marketing Maturity Evaluation Guide helps organizations measure where they are on the path from a single silo of automation, to a complete and integrated platform. This eight-stage model enables organizations to rate their usage of digital marketing technology using yes/no questions and a simple point system. Questions are targeted toward marketers familiar with the systems, data and processes that drive digital marketing. Their final score will enable them to see if they are beginner, intermediate or advanced digital marketers.

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    The Ultimate Guide to Website Personalization

    There is a new Gold Rush going on right now and the gold of the 21st century is data. But, is data really treated as an asset? How can you make the most of it, fast?

    There are many ways to put your company’s data to work and by far, personalization is one of the most exciting and effective. Just look at online giants such as Google, Netflix or Amazon, and you’ll find living proof that data is a resource that helps build a digital empire.

    Download our extensive 30-page guide to get a step ahead of the competition, armed with strategies for an optimized, ever-improving plan to drive bottom-line impact using personalization.

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