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    Activate Analytics to Optimize the Digital Customer Experience


    In this report, Gleanster dives deep into the subject of how machine learning can activate analytics, improving both the customer experience and the marketing result.  In the report Activate Analytics to Optimize the Customer Experience, Gleanster covers how:


    • Top performing organizations are five times more likely to have used machine learning
    • Connecting all customer data in a single place enables complex, full-view analytics
    • Understanding the complete customer journey can predict and improve marketing impact on business results
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    Data-Driven Marketing eBook

    Decisions are an important part of any business. Make the right ones and you’ll flourish; make the wrong ones, and you’ll likely get a call from the corner office. So how do make good decisions? Use data.

    This Data-Driven Marketing e-Book will help you make sense of it all by explaining:

    • Why data-driven marketing is needed
    • How to use data to drive growth
    • Which metrics can be used to optimize customer engagement
    • What steps are needed to adopt a data-driven approach


  • Ultimate Guide to Multisite Managment

    The Ultimate Guide to Multisite Management

     In the “Ultimate Guide for Multisite Management” we provide tips and guidance about how:

    • Companies of all types benefit from multisite management
    • Multisite management reduces costs, improves process and ensures consistency
    • Proper set-up of multisite management can yield best results
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    7 Reasons to Choose Sitefinity

    An outline of the different reasons to choose Sitefinity.

  • Sitefinity Security and Best Practices

    Many large organizations rely on Sitefinity for delivering their web presence - from government agencies, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies to various businesses all over the world. Security is one of the aspects that no organization can compromise with. This whitepaper reviews the most common threats that organizations face today, what Sitefinity is doing to prevent them, and what extra steps are available in order to make your environment more secure.
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    Sitefinity Platform Overview Brochure

    Get an overview of the Sitefinity platform.

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