SitefinitySummit 2017

Breakout Abstracts


Marketing Sessions

What new in Sitefinity 10

Streamline user authentication by combining social logins and role mapping with Sitefinity. Track down bugs faster with improved diagnostics tools. Customized persona scoring. Find out what you’ve been missing with a review of the latest Sitefinity features. Download the presentation.

Speaker: Christopher Peck, Senior Sales Engineer, Progress

Drive Lead Generations through Experience Personalization and Optimization

The number of customers that determine what to buy before they engage personally with a company is skyrocketing. Organizations that can effectively segment and personalize anonymous users will have a huge advantage over their competitors. Learn how to use Digital Experience Cloud provide a personalized experience for both named and anonymous customers. Download the presentation.

Speaker: Megan Gouveia, Senior Manager, Marketing, Progress

Agile Marketing

Learn the philosophy behind launching quick, measuring early, and merging your marketing and development backlog to work with clients as more than a code construction company. We’ll talk about ways to gather requirements, setup ongoing engagements, and serve as a marketing partner while completing ongoing optimization and development work. Download the presentation.

Speaker: C. Ray Harvey, Director of Strategic Services, Aptera

C. Ray likes to figure things out and he likes to do it in a hurry. He also has a passion for defining process and finding consensus. Over the last nine years, through past lives as a copywriter, project manager, and business analyst, he has engaged with Aptera’s clients to quickly design solutions for their businesses, bridging the gap between marketing and development. When he isn’t working to develop solutions for Aptera or its clients, C. Ray spends his time walking outdoors with his fiancé and son, composing music in his garage, or performing songs in dive bars.

Talk "Multi" to Me

If a client’s mention of the word “Multi” excites you, this is a session you will probably want to attend. Learn about how Sitefinity has been used across various multisite scenarios, when (or when not) to leverage Sitefinity’s built in Multisite capabilities for your projects and how you can achieve rapid time to showing client value. Clients are increasingly needing to build and manage multiple web properties, from microsites to multilingual, is your team prepared to capitalize on these types of opportunities?

Speaker: Craig Briars, Director, Sales,

Optimizing the Customer Journey - Who Would Have Guessed It’s All About Experience?

Your conversion rates are only as good as your understanding of the customer journey. In today’s digital world, engaging content that drives the prospect through their journey is crucial. But marketers often lack easy-to-use tools to know who to target and what works and what doesn’t. Learn how you can increase conversions and generate more leads by nurturing your best target segments with personalized experiences. Download the presentation.

Speaker: Ivailo Ivanov, Principal Product Manager, Progress

Technical Sessions

Streamline Your Mobile Experience

The future of the web is mobile. Guarantee that your customers are getting the best mobile experience. Native App or mobile browser find out your options for mobile with Sitefinity. Download the presentation.

Speaker: Peter Filipov, Developer Advocate, Progress

Sitefinity: Extensible and Flexible

A great platform needs to be both extensible and flexible to meet all your current and future needs. Come learn how Sitefinity is built with both in mind as we delve into the new Web Service Factory and the Add-ons framework. Download the presentation.

Speaker: David Cowart, Sales Engineer, Progress

Web Content Management, Reimagined

Find out what’s in the works for future Sitefinity releases. New improvements to UI and UX will leave you begging to get into the beta. 

Speaker: Jordan Ilchev, Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Progress

Tuning Sitefinity for fun and profit

Troubleshooting performance issues can be draining. Find out the right tools to help speed up your debugging process and supercharge your website. Download the presentation.

Speaker: Val Vieyra, Solution Consultant, Progress

Website Development at Progress, Eating Our Own Dogfood

Sitefinity is central to the Progress digital marketing strategy. Find out how Progress develops and maintains Sitefinity applications that have hundreds of content edits and millions of pageviews every single day. Get an inside look at the environment setup, practices for development, and release automation that are result of years of collaboration between marketing, DevOps, Sitefinity engineering and the web team. Download the presentation.

Speaker: Yasen Yankov, Manager, Software Engineering, Progress

Yasen currently leads one of the Sitefinity engineering teams. Prior to that, he spent 5 years developing and maintaining Sitefinity applications as part of the Progress web team. He has worked on complex web projects like,, and

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