Sitefinity Release History Timeline


May 30, 2018

Re-Designed Content Editing Experience

Easily manage all aspect of content with a new rich text editor, new content list management, HTML source code editing and re-invent multilingual content management.

Explicit Consent Web Tracking

A new web security module adds even more protection to your site by leveraging HTTP response headers while also preventing cross-site scripting and other threats with complete configuration by admins

Sitefinity VSIX

A new Visual Studio extension which enables developers to spend more time on execution and less time on smaller task by leveraging scaffolds for MVC. 

Conversational, AI-Powered Chatbot Integration

Kendo UI based admin panel facilitating simplified customization and integration of API services, such as NativeChat .


November 15, 2017

A/B Testing

Out-of-the-box A/B Testing functionality offers the ability to setup, monitor and finalize experiments while measuring their success by utilizing customer journey analysis functionality.

Explicit Consent Web Tracking

Easily implement explicit consent strategy with the ability to simply turn on or off the consent to be tracked for individual users. This functionality applies to CMS, DEC and integration connectors.

MVC SEO Controls

Enhanced controls in Sitefinity MVC controls to easily manage search engine marketing tasks and optimization.

Social Sharing

Direct control over Open Graph properties of content for promotion and campaigns built into Sitefinity CMS.

Improved Site-Language Association

Allow Site Managers to add only pre-configured languages to their sites, unless they explicitly want to expand the list to all languages.


July 10, 2017

Personalizable Content Lists

Content lists can now be personalized just like any content block in Sitefinity.

Integrated Personalization Reporting

Marketers can access auto-generated personalization reports straight from the Sitefinity CMS page list.


Personalization for Web Lead Nurturing

Marketers can target and nurture anonymous website users with personalized messages and call to actions based on their Sitefinity DEC lead score.


Connector for Eloqua

Easily create and configure online forms to send data to and trigger automated workflows in Eloqua.


March 14, 2017

User Authentication

Easily enable third-party social logins, OAuth or OpenID provider strategies with a new simplified API.

Enterprise Security

Utilize ADFS or LADP to automatically authorize website users by mapping AD roles to CMS roles. Manage user rights outside of the CMS with support for complex identity management requirements.

Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe

With Site Shield you can easily invite stakeholders to secured sites, monitor when they access and from what devices.

Fire Up Your Website Performance Engine

Ensure that sites are configured for optimal performance from the very first user visit with the new builtin Site Warmup tool.

Improved Diagnostic and Profiling Tools

Improved MVC-based widget, site restart and NLB request profiling. SQL database profiling without the performance hit and support for Razor template compilation profiling.

System Health Check

API endpoint to easily get the status of site startup, system bootstrap, database health, NLB communication, internet connectivity and Redis access.


Oct 4, 2016

Touchpoints Discovery

Leverage machine learning to automatically discover key customer interactions, optimize experiences and increase conversions.

Site Starter Kits

Create and use site start kits to build new website projects faster and with better consistency.

Add-Ons Framework

Add-Ons Framework

Create NuGet-based add-on packages to reuse website themes, functionality and content across multiple website projects or Sitefinity instances.

Continuous Delivery Support

Streamline website and content configuration changes in multiple environment and eliminate potential conflicts during continuous delivery updates.

Website Performance Diagnostics Module

Diagnose problems and measure and optimize performance through Diagnostic Module reports such as HTTP Requests, Background Tasks, SQL Queries, Page Compilations and N+1 Queries.

Page Template Revision History

Quickly trace web page updates back to a specific template change and revert back to a previous version to resolve issues.

Calendar Widget

Manage and display events in a calendar view using the latest ASP.NET MVC widget.

Precompiler Tool

Reduce load times, decrease server processing and deliver a better customer experience when publishing new or updated pages.


May 19, 2016

Personalization and Site Sync

Easily sync personalized content across all your sites with improved Site Sync capabilities and achieve results faster

Easier Editing

Enjoy more consistent styling and easier formatting when pasting content from Word documents with our improved editor

Events Widgets

Enable better visitor interaction on your website with the new ASP.NET MVC events widget


March 22, 2016

Continuous Delivery

A series of improvements to support running Sitefinity sites in a continuous delivery setup speeds deployments of new website functionality with minimum effort.

Web Services API

Simplified content creation and consumption via a new API based on OData standards and a JavaScript SDK make development easier and faster.

Widget Design

Improved performance of precompiled views for the widgets and widget designers eliminates initial compilation delays.

New Interface

A new Backend Theme provides a clean and attractive design, removes unnecessary clutter and makes the editing experience easier.

Mobile Apps

Easier creation of content-driven mobile apps due to simplified integration with the Telerik Platform, a leading cross-platform mobile development solution.


Create and run better personalization campaigns due to more flexible audience segmentation using any behavioral and demographic data from the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud.

360 Degree View

The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud provides extended contact profiles to help visualize all interactions, touch points and conversions across channels, and adds support for contact data import from a CSV file to give marketers a single view of the customer.

Multilingual Files

Editors can leverage the option to upload multilingual versions of images, videos, documents and files with full control on how they appear on localized sites.

Multi-page forms

Easily and quickly split long and complex forms into smaller steps to improve the user experience and increase conversions.


October 26, 2015


Personalization per Widget for Pages and Templates

Personalize individual content blocks and images to create a near endless number of customized experiences on a page or template level, easier and faster than ever before.


Personalization Analytics and Attribution

The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud now shows you see exactly which pieces of personalized content contribute the most to your marketing goals.


Engagement "Card' Widget

Improve engagement and increase conversions for your target audience by providing personalized recommendations for best next action such as a whitepaper download with on-page announcements, banners or notifications.


Custom Contact Fields and Segmentation

The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud now supports custom contact fields for audience segmentation and contact profiling, so you can optimize conversions for the right audience.


MVC-based Online Forms

Quickly create any form you need with ease and benefit from the all the APS.NET MVC technology and built-in HTML5 input types and validation can offer.


Performance Optimization Dashboard

Understand how well your website is optimized for performance and make it run faster.


Improved Website Upgrades

See what changed under the hood during an upgrade with the new database changes log and benefit from simplified upgrade progress in load-balanced environments.


Improved Cloud Support, Deployment and Scalability 

Benefit from easier and faster cloud deployment on Microsoft Azure Web Apps and Amazon Web Services with support for auto-scaling, Redis cache, and other native services such as search from these two cloud providers.


​July 15, 2015


Translation Management

Centralized Translations Management functionality including ability to send items for translation, XLIFF export and integrations with and Clay Tablet Technologies.

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Site Sync Improvements

Ability to schedule multiple synchronizations, configure sync retries and email notifications, detailed sync history screens and more.


MVC 5 Support and 21 New MVC Widgets


Email Improvements

Interval-timed batch sending, improved usability and scalability, integration with hosted delivery services


Demographic-based conversion tracking

​Conversion tracking and predictive analytics ​based on a specific demographic such as job role or geography


Mobile App Personalization SDKs

Ability to track mobile app behavior and personalize mobile app content based on persona or lead score

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Data Import from, Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle Eloqua


March 17, 2015


Digital Experience Cloud

The Sitefinity™ Digital Experience Cloud is a powerful digital marketing command center, enabling you to optimize customer experiences and drive sky-high conversion rates.

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Marketing Attribution

Marketing Attribution can tell you which campaigns and assets are working and which are not when it comes to delivering business results such as quote requests, sales pipeline, revenue and more

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Data Connectors

Digital Experience Cloud now includes data connectors to, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and any SQL database so that you can connect any recorded interaction in a complete customer journey analysis


Workflows Per Site and Language

The workflows per site, provider or language allow you to separate content approval between different groups responsible for various regions. 


Page Precompilation Tool

The Page Precompilation Tool optimizes or completely skips the application warm-up phase by allowing pages to load from precompiled assemblies.

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MVC and HTML5 UI Framework

Widgets, selectors and front-end components based on MVC and AngularJS to assist you with creating clean and modern experiences fast.

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Site Sync and Taxonomies Per Site

Independently manage taxonomies and deployments for each site and gain central control of any information architecture delivered anywhere in the world


Marketing Dashboard

The Integrated Marketing Dashboard gives you a daily dose of insight about how your customers are interacting with your website and what makes them convert.


December 16, 2014


Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring allows marketers to score all visitors against a common definition of a qualified lead and pass them to sales when they are ready to engage.

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Lead Scoring is included in the Online Marketing and Enterprise Editions. 


Connector for SharePoint Online

Complement your SharePoint Online and Office 365 infrastructure by synchronizing your libraries, lists or calendars with Sitefinity based intranets, portals and public websites

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New MVC and Front-End Development Features

New features include MVC widgets for each dynamic module, partial views and helpers for displaying related data and media, AngularJS based content selectors and more

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Search in Microsoft Azure

Customers deploying on Microsoft Azure infrastructures can now utilize the cloud to store their website's search indexes. 

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Faster Application Start-up

Up to 60% faster application start-up and restart times


Granular Permissions per Dynamic Item


September 25, 2014


Persona Profiling

Persona profiling provides a complete toolset for managing target personas, persona scoring. It allows you to target key visitor types through personalization and get reporting on how different audiences interact with your website.

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Persona Profiling is included in the Online Marketing and Enterprise Editions. 

Sitefinity Feather

MVC Widgets, Widget designers and UI packages as a part of a brand new modern, mobile-first UI framework for Sitefinity

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BETA: Sitefinity Digital  Experience Cloud

Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud is a Customer Analytics solution that combines data across multiple channels in order to analyze and optimize the customer journey.

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Performance Diagnostics Module

The Performance Diagnostics Module allows you to diagnose performance issues within out of the box and custom functionality through an intuitive reporting UI

Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud Connector

The  connector allows you to log very activity automatically and enable predictive analytics, segmentation and persona profiling based on a wide variety of events. 


July 22 2014

System Audit Trail

System audit trail acts like a security camera for all your content management activity and provides full accountability and transparency over user access and activity. 

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The System Audit Trail will be included only in the Enterprise Edition. 

Recycle Bin

Sometimes an "Undo Delete" can save your day

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Duplicate Content

Sitefinity maximizes authoring productivity by allowing duplication of dynamic content along with events, news, list items, blog posts and content blocks.


Sitemap Generation

Improve SEO and get timely search rankings for all your content, automatically.


Hierarchical Modules with Multiple Child Types

The Dynamic Module Builder now supports content hierarchies where one parent types can contain multiple child types


Custom Thumbnails For Templates

Provide visual clues that help all CMS users pick the best template for their pages.


April 10 2014

Related Content

Relate any type to any type. Manage one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships productively and directly through the user Interface of Sitefinity.

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Custom Fields For Pages

Extend pages with custom fields in order to meet a great variety of complex scenarios - semantic markup, page categorization, mega menus, integration with 3rd party systems and more.

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Ratings And Reviews for Products and Content

Manage Ratings & Reviews for Ecommerce Products and other content types. 


HTML5 Video Across Browsers and Mobile Devices

Telerik Sitefinity supports all HTML5 media formats (MP4, WebM, Ogg, WAVE) in all modern and mobile browsers without requiring additional plugins. The video player also includes easy integration with YouTube, playlists and audio files, customizable look and feel.


Media Fields Across All Content

Sitefinity enables you to add unlimited images, galleries, videos or documents and directly display them in widgets. 

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Duplicate Page Templates and Forms

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Personalization By Role

And Much More

Solutions for 46 of the most popular customer feedback items, and they cover over 15% of all public votes. New features include dynamic thumbnail creation, multisite migration, sharing draft pages with reviewers, customizable drag-and-drop placeholder labels, revision history for dynamic items, improvements in filtering and more. 

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17 December 2013


Custom URLs

Control custom URL structure regardless of page hierarchy for better back-end control and access to vanity URLs. 

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Direct links to Google Analytics within Content Items

Contextual information about how the item you are working on is performing


Enable Customer Comments in Ecommerce Section


Granular Control Over SharePoint Connections and Workflows

Notify Form Submissions to Any List of Emails


Custom Attributes in Pages

Email Notification of Comments

Access Analytics for Multiple Sites in One Central Location

You can now apply all your Google Analytic accounts to all the websites running in the project through the built-in Analytics Module

Test Responsive Design on Over 20 Emulators

Test how your responsive pages are displayed before they are published and go live. Telerik Sitefinity has built-in test emulators for over 20 unique devices, so you can preview how your content will be seen by visitors across a multitude of devices.

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Multi-Tiered Pricing

Incentivize your online customers to purchase a higher volume of your product with multi-tiered pricing. The Telerik Sitefinity Ecommerce Add-on enables you to create a tiered pricing model and apply discounts for increased quantities purchased through your website.

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Custom Taxonomy Filters for Content Widgets

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17 October 2013

True Inline Editing: Manage Content and Images in the Context of the Webpage

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Marketing Automation with Connector for Marketo

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CRM Connector for Salesforce

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Google Analytics Module in HTML5

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Dynamic Administration Dashboard

Publish Word Docs as PDF Files

One Click Preview and Replace of Digital Assets within the Desktop Application

Code Sync & Deploy

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PCI-DSS Compliance: Integration with PayPal Payments Standard & WorldPay

Comments Framework for all content types


July 16, 2013

Sitefinity Digital Asset Management

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Image Thumbnails

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Dependent Product Variations for Ecommerce

Responsive Navigation

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April 29, 2013

Mobile App Builder

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Event Calendars, Recurring Events and Event Export

Connector For Sharepoint

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Hierarchical Media Libraries


Ecommerce - Multiple Storefronts, Product Scheduling and Workflow

Plus many other improvements to the Ecommerce multilingual capabilities, usability, reporting, shipping APIs and extensibility model. 

Site Sync: Synchronization of dynamic modules and ecommerce products

Cloud Services Connector

Connect to Telerik Platform Backend Services for scalable mobile delivery of your content

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February 13, 2013

Performance: Precompilation, minification, bundling and optimization

Improved precompilation techniques for faster loading times. Improved back-end and front-end resources. Optimization of scripts and styles served to Sitefinity Widgets. 

Granular Control of Responsive Layout

Now responsive rules can be controlled on the page or template level 

Ecommerce: Wishlist and more

Wishlist and registry creation, taxes by county or zip code, order calculator extensibility

Multisite: Support for subfolder structure


Site Sync: Scheduled Synchronization

Kendo UI tools included


December 18, 2012

Module Builder: Multilingual Support

Shared Content in Page Templates

Plus content block permissions and improved workflow

Performance: Concurrent processing of services in the back-end

Ecommerce: Inventory Management, Discounts and Promotions, SEO improvements


October 18, 2012

Multisite Management

New Lightweight Installer

Content Personalization

Ecommerce: Multicurrency

Dropbox Synchronization

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Sitefinity Digital Asset Management Beta

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July 16, 2012

Sitefinity Thunder: Widgets, Selectors, Designers and other templates

Event Driven Infrastructure

Search in documents

DOC, DOCX, PDF, TXT and RTF supported

Modules And Services Management UI

Interface for disabling modules that are not used by your project


Email Campaigns: Revamped

New infrastructure, better campaign features, HTML5 reporting

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ASP .NET MVC Support

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March 5, 2012

Mobile & Responsive Design

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Claims Authentication

Sitefinity Thunder

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Forums Module

Module Builder: Import & Export of modules

New Widgets: Breadcrumb Widget, Page Social Sharing


Ecommerce: Downloadable Goods

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Dec 20, 2011


Migration Tool: Improvements

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Azure Blob Storage Support

Ecommerce: Product Variations, Multilingual


Staging and Syncing

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Module Builder

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Nov 3, 2011

Performance: Query Optimization

DB Queries reduced up to 40%

Migration Module: Finalized Migration of All Content

Crop, Resize & Rotate of Images

Facebook Like & Facebook Feed Widgets

Email Campaigns: Template Creation Improvements

Ecommerce: checkout, taxes, multilingual improvements


August 10, 2011


Introducing Ecommerce

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Performance: Optimized Sitemap


Migration Module From 3.x to 4.x+

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Template Builder

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File System Storage for Images, Documents and Files


April 15, 2011

Sharing Content

Azure Support

Cache Dependency Support

Oracle, MySQL and SQL Azure Support

Custom User Profiles

Introducing the Newsletter Module

Lists Module


January 14, 2011

Feeds And Publishing System

Reinvented User Experience

Advanced Taxonomy

Layout Editor

Granular Permissions

Form Builder

Workflow and a Custom Workflow System

Sitefinity: Fully Re-envisioned