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  • Personalize Content with Sitefinity

    Serving content to your audience is hard when you have different groups of people to target. For those cases generic content or long articles targeting everyone are not a good option. The simplest solution is to use personalized articles and pages. In the context of Sitefinity, this is an easy job.
  • Sitefinity 10 Improves Website Authentication, Security and Administration

    Today I’m excited to announce the release of Sitefinity 10, which focuses on enterprise-grade identity management, security, performance and increased developer productivity that IT Administrators and Developers are going to enjoy. Don’t worry Marketers, there’s plenty of love for you as well.
  • Your CMS, Your SEO Strategy and Your Digital Future

    Which are the SEO questions for which you have to think next time when you choose a content management system. Learn how to make your website friendly for both search engines and people.
  • Ask Question or give Feedback to Sitefinity with Hashtags

    To provide feedback after you test some features from a beta or official release, or if you want to share your experience use #TellProgress. When you want to know more about a new feature or ask questions during Sitefinity webinar ask your questions publicly with #AskProgress.
  • Sitefinity Connector for Telerik Backend Services is discontinued.

    We decided that it is best for our customers that we discontinue the Sitefinity Connector for Telerik Backend Services with the upcoming Sitefinity 10 release next month, and focus those resources on improving the product in other areas. Support for existing users of the connector on prior CMS versions will be provided until Dec 1, 2017.
  • All Sitefinity Features Revealed in a Site and a Mobile App

    Two years ago, the Sitefinity team released a sample application showcasing the major features of the CMS and how to use them. As time passed and technologies and methodologies changes, our application fell behind.   The truth is that we need to cover the entire experience starting from a modern ...
  • Let Sitefinity Implement Web Services for You

    With Progress Sitefinity, you can create dynamic content types without any overhead. Editing content items is also really easy. But while all of this sounds great on paper, developers ultimately need to have more control via an API.​
  • Sitefinity DEC Persona Templates and Action Plan

    Marketing in the digital realm is about knowing what your potential customers are looking for and anticipating what will appeal to them. That’s why all digital marketing strategies begin with Buyer Personas, those fictional representatives of your ideal customers we all execute so much research to create. And we execute that research because we know the more insight we have into our potential customers, the more effective our marketing strategies will be.
  • Working with Sitefinity MVC (Feather) Source Code

    All of Sitefinity’s MVC widgets, packages and functionality are open source and can be found under the codename “Project Feather” or “Feather” framework.
  • The Often Overlooked Marketing Asset: Your Employees (Part 2)

    Armed with a succinct mission statement, useful branded merchandise and social media skills, your employees can help promote your brand and improve your public persona.
  • 3 Key Ingredients for a Successful Social Media Strategy

    Three key takeaways to improve your social media strategy that apply to anyone, selling any product, at any level of social media marketing.
  • 12 Tips to Build an Engaging B2B Homepage

    An average visitor takes only a couple of seconds to decide whether to stay on a website. An organized, usable and reasonable website can add trustworthiness and competence to your company's reputation. Here are 12 tips you can take to build a high-performing homepage.
  • 6 Ways to Improve Deliverability in Gmail’s Multi-Tab Inbox

    Are your marketing emails landing in Gmail's Promotions tab? Google’s algorithms are learning and adapting based on what is common, repetitive, and found in many messages. By differentiating with content, senders and templates, marketers will have a higher chance to not get filtered into a secondary inbox.
  • How to Successfully Approach a Blogger or a News Site

    Influencer marketing: Reaching the media to gain coverage of your products or services can be a significant challenge, but by taking these steps, you can stack the deck in your favor.
  • 4 Ways You’re Killing Your Social Media Strategy

    If you’re wondering how this post, part 2 of my 5-4-3 series, will be different from the previous post, 5 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy is Broken, it’s simple: my first blog post is targeted at beginner-level social marketers and shares common mistakes made by MOST people and businesses ...
  • Why SEO Should Be Important to Your Marketing

    I tend to relate a lot of what I write about marketing on this blog to my own personal experience. One topic I’ve wanted to talk more about is SEO and connecting that to me as a marketer. As marketers we know that SEO is important—as marketing is heading ...
  • Never Miss a Content Promotion Opportunity Again [Tried and Tested List Inside]

    I am one of those people who swears by research. I never use an appliance before I read the complete manual and I never do anything at work before I research the tried and tested best practices. So trust me when I say I did a lot of research to ...
  • Sitefinity Features Revealed in a Site and Mobile App

    Two years ago, the Sitefinity team released a sample application showcasing major features of the CMS and how to use them. As time passed and technologies and methodologies changed, our application fell behind. The truth is, we need to cover the entire experience starting with a modern looking website and ...
  • Innovative Solution: Managing Bulk Redirects in Sitefinity

    Published on behalf of Roger West, a proud Progress Partner Several years ago, Sitefinity added functionality to make it easy to create a redirect. Simply go to the page you want to redirect users to, open “Properties,” and type in alternate URLs that you want to redirect to that page. ...
  • PR in Today’s Digital Age—If it Bleeds it Leads

    It is no secret that the world has gone through a cosmic shift in the last decade. The entrance of social media as a medium for news has turned traditional PR on its ear. Today, communications and marketing professionals alike need to know who their audiences are and how to ...
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