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  • Sitefinity Update Introduces a DAM, a Geolocation API, and Touch-Friendly Mobile Navigation

    A CMS Updated with Your Customers in Mind Your customers expect to connect and engage with your business at an increasingly accelerated pace.  They expect to engage with you using a multitude of devices and have access to a vast amount of content and digital assets.  We kept this in ...
  • A Partner’s Perspective: Why Quba Is Really Excited About Sitefinity's Web Personalization?

    Until recently online marketing and websites were a bit of a gamble. Organizations were asked to sign off substantial budgets for things they didn’t really understand. They then employed someone else to do ‘Google Magic’ and get them into supposedly advantageous positions in the search engines.  At the end of ...
  • Configuring Facebook Feeds in Sitefinity CMS

    In order to get the Facebook feeds working with Sitefinity CMS, there are few configurations that need to be set and taken into consideration firstly. Firstly there is a new property that was introduced in Sitefinity 6.1 called EnableDtdProcessing ( located under Settings -> Advanced - Publishing ) which needs ...
  • Why IT Managers Must Help Marketing Manage Digital Assets

    Selecting a Web CMS with a Lightweight Digital Asset Management System In the past, IT Managers focused a great amount of their attention on infrastructure and the integration of systems.  But today, IT leaders must satisfy a growing number of constituencies within the business, including content contributors, business users, and ...
  • Single Sign On Between Sitefinity and 3rd Party Applications: Part 2 – Using WIF

    In Part 1 of this series -  Single Sign On Between Sitefinity And Third Party Applications: The Basics - we discussed the essential terminology and some of the basic technology that is in play when maintaining Single Sign On scenarios between Sitefinity and 3rd party applications. In this post ...
  • Updating Sitefinity Related Dynamic Content Items When Changes Are Made

    Sitefinity dynamic modules support relating one module with another as shown in this blog post but when several content types are related to each other their management starts to be quite a daunting task. For instance, even in a simpler scenario where we have  book stores, books, authors, to relate ...
  • Async POST with Sitefinity MVC Widgets

    There are three modes for working with MVC in Sitefinity. The difference is that Sitefinity’s MVC support allows multiple controllers on a Sitefinity page versus classic MVC using only one controller. This may cause problems when a controller performs a postback and navigates to an action. Example FirstController has actions ...
  • How to Create a MegaMenu in Sitefinity

    Since many of you are interested in creating MegaMenu navigations with Sitefinity I decided to write a blog post about it. In this blog post I'm going to show you how to create two types of MegaMenu navigations. The first one is a dropdown navigation, where the direct children of ...
  • One to Many Relationships in Sitefinity Dynamic Modules - the Simple Way

    Dynamic Modules in Sitefinity offer great possibilities for custom development and one of the most common scenarios is to relate several content types. There are some blog posts on this topic (like this one and this one) but they were written long time ago and the approaches described there ...
  • How to: Exclude a Page from Sitefinity Internal Search

    As you probably know, in Sitefinity CMS it is easy to disable page indexing from external search crawlers (like Google bot, etc.) by unchecking the "Allow search engines to index this page" property. However, that page will still be indexed by the internal Sitefinity search engine and will appear in the list of ...
  • Working with Sitefinity Permissions API - Managing Permissions

    Every now and then we receive questions from our clients regarding managing permissions in Sitefinity CMS through code. With this blog post we aim at addressing the most common scenario of granting and denying specific actions on Sitefinity secured objects. Let's take Pages for example. Prior to proceeding, please note ...
  • Adding Intellisense for RadControls and Sitefinity Controls in .ASCX Files Placed Inside a Class Library Project

    If you are using a separate class library project to build your Sitefinity modules you are probably wondering how to enable intellisense for all of the RadControls and Sitefinity controls in your .ascx files that are placed inside that class library as embedded resources. Here I will provide some simple ...
  • Should Sitefinity 6.0’s Mobile Capabilities Make Development Firms Nervous?

    Like me, you probably live and breathe technology in both your personal and private life. The fast pace of change is a source of exhilaration, but at times requires certain adjustments, especially when new technologies change the way we do business.  Such is the case with Sitefinity by Telerik, which ...
  • Setting a Default Filter for Library Items in Sitefinity CMS

    In Documents & Files/Images/Videos sections in Sitefinity CMS when a library is selected you have the ability to filter its item by clicking Filter.. link available in the sidebar section of the backend view. At the moment when a user clicks the filter link he/she will be redirected to a ...
  • Post-Webinar Post: Sitefinity's Mobile App Builder

    This post comes to complete my webinar from May 30th, "Sitefinity's Mobile App Builder". To learn more about the Sitefinity Mobile App Builder visit this page.  Shared Links Here are the relevant links which were shared in the webinar: Sitefinity Box App (Apple iTunes store) Sitefinity Box ...
  • How to Create a MultiPage Field Control in Sitefinity

    Most of you have already used Sitefinity's out-of-the-box PageField control, allowing you to select pages from the SiteMap in content modules. In this blog post I'm going to show you how to create your own custom MultiPage field control, that can be used to select multiple pages in Sitefinity CMS. I'm ...
  • Extending the Fluent API

    Using Sitefinity’s Fluent API is a great way to write readable code while extending the capabilities of a project, and developers can extend the Fluent API as well. What is the Fluent API? Sitefinity includes several APIs. Along with the Fluent API, it includes an imperative API and a REST ...
  • Working with Related Dynamic Content Items in Sitefinity

    This blog post can serve as a successor of the one Rado wrote a year ago on the same subject. However, there have been many improvements in the Module Builder and Sitefinity Thunder since then that will allow us to accomplish the task much easier. I hope it can be ...
  • Single Sign On Between Sitefinity and 3rd Party Applications: Part 1 - The Basics

    A very common task in web development and architecture is setting up Single Sign On. Often times we have to configure a setup between different applications using different protocols and frameworks to make sure that our users have to log in only once. In the most common case the architecture ...
  • Sitefinity for the Great CMS Challenge

    Are you a Sitefinity expert looking for a fun project? Are you new to Sitefinity looking for a learning experience before embarking on a large solution? Perhaps you simply like a coding challenge. Metric Marketing wants to determine the best CMS, and they’re doing it with The Great CMS Challenge ...