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  • Looking Back at Sitefinity & Beyond 2012

    From my perspective Sitefinity & Beyond was a great success. Luckily, you do not have to take my word for it alone. Hear what some of our customers and partners had to say about this year’s Sitefinity customer conference in the video below. Share your own experiences at Sitefinity & ...
  • Creating Shortcodes for Sitefinity Blog Posts

    We previously looked at how you can use Sitefinity's support for External Widget Templates to add support for shortcodes in Sitefinity content by building a simple YouTube shortcode helper button. In our last example today, we'll take things one step further and create a Sitefinity Blog Post shortcode helper. ...
  • Add Custom Tool Buttons to the HtmlField RadEditor Toolbar

    In the previous post Supporting Shortcodes in Sitefinity Content, we looked at how you can leverage Sitefinity's support of code-behind in external templates to add simple shortcode helper for a YouTube video. This time, we'll once again make use of external templates to add a custom tool button to ...
  • CMS Wars: Welcome to the Cage Fight

    This group was unlike any other. Participants had contempt for the views of their opponents. Debates raged, and supporting data flew everywhere. Venom surged from each retort, leaving the opposing thought bruised and bloody. What is this? A political rally? A Yankee vs. Red Sox brawl? No, it’s a blog ...
  • Supporting Shortcodes in Sitefinity Content

    Shortcodes are a popular feature of many CMS platforms that allow content authors to easily add rich content in a simple, user-friendly format, without cluttering up the content areas with cumbersome (and usually error-prone) HTML. For example, instead of copying and pasting a long string of raw HTML to embed ...
  • Information Architecture and Content Classification for a Business Intranet Portal

    In the previous blog post we outlined our functional intranet requirements and in this blog post we will continue with creating the information architecture (IA) for an intranet portal, which we will call Quantum Business Intranet Portal that is owned by our fictitious company Quantum. Information architecture plays a ...
  • Marketing 2013: Join the Evolution

    Today’s headlines read like an obituary to the marketing profession. Recently, a Harvard Business Review (HBR) blog declared Marketing Dead, and countless other tweets and social postings make similar claims. The HBR blog notes three-quarters of today’s CEOs think marketers lack business credibility and are not growth generators. This mix ...
  • Implementing “Read more” and “Read less” functions in blog posts

    By default our blog posts do not have “Read more” and “Read less”  functions.  If you want to show only a snippet of each blog post on the main page and have the link “Read more”  for users to click and read the rest of the blog ...
  • Changing the default template of email notifications for forms responses

    In the past few weeks there has been increasing number of requests by our clients on how to make a custom template for forms notifications. With this blog post we will create one and register it in our project so that we can customize it further as we like. Create ...
  • Right Content, Right Person: New Content Personalization in Sitefinity 5.2

    Sitefinity’s new Content Personalization feature gives you the ability to personalize content for different audiences, thus creating unique user experiences for each. Your public content is automatically delivered to specific users following a set of predefined criteria which can be tested using simulations before going live. User Segments Define multiple ...
  • Confessions of a Recovering Droomlapress Administrator

    After suffering through a particular open source platform for over two years, I have a firm foundation in the many pitfalls of open source web development. I’ll refer to said provider as “Droomlapress,” because truthfully, the problems I encountered are common to many open source CMS providers. In full disclosure, ...
  • Styling a Sitefinity website

    Flexibility and robustness when designing a website are key factors when working CMS. Having to learn a CMS-specific templating pattern is a no-go, especially if you are on a tight deadline. That is why we made designing a Sitefinity website a task you already know how to do quickly, as ...
  • “Shop By” Filters come to Ecommerce in Sitefinity 5.2

    “Shop by Filters” also known as “Faceted Filters,” reduce the number of products displayed in a product listing.  Rather than forcing customers down a fixed path (Ex: department navigation), faceted filters allow customers to narrow down product listings using categories that best match their shopping needs. Sitefinity Faceted Filters allow ...
  • Reflections from EDUCAUSE 2012

    I spent the majority of last week with members of the Sitefinity Team at the EDUCAUSE conference in Denver, CO. This was certainly one of the larger conferences I’ve attended. With thousands of representatives from schools, colleges, and universities around the world, it seemed like every school was represented. The ...
  • Intranet Requirements and Fundamentals

    The purpose of an Intranet is to enable an organization to share knowledge, communicate, collaborate, and enable it to do more than it did yesterday. Specific intranet requirements can vary significantly based on different factors, such as organization type, business processes, culture, goals, scope, etc. These requirements usually fall into ...
  • New in Sitefinity 5.2: Dropbox Synchronization Module

    The Dropbox module was originally introduced as a developer sample in the Sitefinity SDK to demonstrate how to create a custom library provider in Sitefinity. However as of Sitefinity version 5.2 it is now promoted to an official out-of-the-box module. The Dropbox Service Dropbox is a free service that lets ...
  • Sitefinity 5.2 is now available! Release overview.

    In case you missed it, Sitefinity 5.2 is now officially released.  This release contains some major new features, as well as some smaller features that we haven’t yet fully explored.  Over the next several weeks we’ll publish a series of blog posts that explain each of these highlights.  ...
  • Customizing Sitefinity SearchResults - displaying Product thumbnails and other Content type-specific data

    Many of you have requested assistance in delivering various custom functionality in the Sitefinity SearchResults widgets. From displaying the Page's description, showing custom messages depending on the type of the item, to displaying Product thumbnails. By default the SearchResults widget operates with an IResultSet containing objects of type IDocument - ...
  • Multi-site configurations session at Sitefinity & Beyond in Boston

    Last week I had the opportunity to present the new Sitefinity Multi-site Management Edition and its features at our Sitefinity & Beyond conference in Boston. My session was about multi-site configurations, the Sitefinity approach, and what the benefits are. I also provided a high level overview of the licensing model ...
  • Extending Sitefinity Search and searching by category

    Overview Sitefinity Search, true to the Sitefinity mantra, provides not only powerful set of features and a user friendly UI to manage the functionality, but also an interesting extension point that gives developers freedom to make all necessary  tweaks to meet any requirements. In this blog post we are going ...