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  • Adding functionality for deleting multiple products at once

    When working with the Ecommerce module you might encounter the need to remove multiple products from the CMS at once. By default, the backend grid view allows you to delete one product at a time, which will slow down the process, if you need to remove several products at once....
  • Droomlapress II: Why Sitefinity is Better

    Thanks to everyone for a good conversation on the original Droomlapress blog. That post reviewed my personal experiences as an open-source administrator, and why I felt Sitefinity was better. Comments to "Confessions of a Recovering Droomlapress Administrator" wanted more specifics about how we thought Sitefinity was better than our Droomlapress ...
  • Rackspace Cloudfiles provider for Sitefinity

    A month or so ago, we've started a developer-only Google+ community called Sitefinity Devs and in matter of days bunch of developers joined and started discussing all kind of Sitefinity code. As a result of one of these discussions, Steve McNiven-Scott (@stevemcniven http://www.sitefinitysteve.com/) ended up building a ...
  • Sitefinity Workflow: Advanced Notifications for Content Approval

    Sitefinity’s content change notifications are a convenient way to keep designated people informed about  content changes to your website. By applying workflow to selected content items with just one check-box, you can notify authorizers of content pending approval: Notification Messages Notifications are easy to activate and manage in Sitefinity. There is ...
  • Using and Customizing Sitefinity Workflow with Guard Activities

    The Sitefinity workflows are built on Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 (WWF). By utilizing our implementation on WWF, you can leverage that technology and completely customize the logic executed within the process flow in the system to meet the needs of virtually any business scenario. The workflow does so much more ...
  • Idiotproof: Protecting Your Website from the Non-Technical Class

    I’ve readily admitted that I’m not an IT guru. That being said, when I started at Sitefinity, they gave me the keys to the back end within two days. As a new employee, I thought, “Wow, they’re awfully trusting of the new gal!” Then I started to wonder why. My ...
  • Enter the Sitefinity 2012 Best Website Awards

    Nominations for the Website of the Year Awards are open and the competition is underway! Now in its second year, the contest recognizes the best Sitefinity websites launched in 2012. Entries will be evaluated based on a combination of creativity, design, user experience, and overall presentation. The deadline for submitting ...
  • How to schedule unpublish when an item is published

    If you still haven't got a chance to take a look at the part of our documentation about modifying existing Sitefinity workflow, may be this is the right moment. My colleague Radoslav Georgiev  already showed you how to  customize the Workflow notification messages. This blog post is about changing the AnyContentWorkflow.xaml in order ...
  • Open Project: Amazon S3 Blob Storage Provider

    Overview A small open project for an Amazon S3 storage provider is now publicly shared on GitHub. The project is bundled with documentation in the form of a .docx file, a ReadMe and a Wiki page. The full project and documentation are at https://github.com/Sitefinity/amazon-s3-provider Sitefinity's Amazon S3 Blob ...
  • Extending the registration widget - adding a country dropdown list

    At some point you might encounter the need to display certain amount of data in a way the user can easily interact with, when being registered to your site. In the past, we had several requests by users which were related to the extension of the registration form control, to ...
  • Inventory Management

    As I mentioned in my Sitefinity 5.3 Ecommerce Highlights blog, you can now manage inventory quantities for your online store.  This blog goes into more depth about Inventory Management. Inventory management serves many purposes.  First, it helps you keep popular products in stock so that they are always available ...
  • Working with RESTful Services Part 2 – Claims Authentication and Designing Service Calls

    In the past we have discussed the nuts and bolts of client-side programming and specifically using Sitefinity’s WCF Restful API. You can find an introduction to the topic in this blog post. Here we are going to cover a few new and more advanced topics and provide an updated ...
  • Sitefinity 5.3 Ecommerce Highlights

    In Sitefinity Ecommerce 5.3, we’ve added Inventory Management, the most requested Ecommerce feature on PITS as well as some new features with promotions and discounts.  Inventory Management Inventory can be tracked at the product level or at the product variations level. Products can remain visible on the site even if ...
  • Sitefinity Optimization Checklist

    When optimizing your website’s traffic, there are many factors to consider. To help navigate it all, we’ve put together some helpful resources, including three videos from the Sitefinity Getting Started Guide. Helpful Tools Implementing the useful testing and optimization tips reviewed in this video will set your project on ...
  • How to display MVC widget in detail views of content items

    When placing MVC widgets on pages that also display blog posts, news items or dynamic content created with the module builder you may have noticed when blog post or any other content on a page when displayed in its details view doesn`t show the MVC widgets. This is happening because ...
  • Looking Back at Sitefinity & Beyond 2012

    From my perspective Sitefinity & Beyond was a great success. Luckily, you do not have to take my word for it alone. Hear what some of our customers and partners had to say about this year’s Sitefinity customer conference in the video below. Share your own experiences at Sitefinity & ...
  • Creating Shortcodes for Sitefinity Blog Posts

    We previously looked at how you can use Sitefinity's support for External Widget Templates to add support for shortcodes in Sitefinity content by building a simple YouTube shortcode helper button. In our last example today, we'll take things one step further and create a Sitefinity Blog Post shortcode helper. ...
  • Add Custom Tool Buttons to the HtmlField RadEditor Toolbar

    In the previous post Supporting Shortcodes in Sitefinity Content, we looked at how you can leverage Sitefinity's support of code-behind in external templates to add simple shortcode helper for a YouTube video. This time, we'll once again make use of external templates to add a custom tool button to ...
  • CMS Wars: Welcome to the Cage Fight

    This group was unlike any other. Participants had contempt for the views of their opponents. Debates raged, and supporting data flew everywhere. Venom surged from each retort, leaving the opposing thought bruised and bloody. What is this? A political rally? A Yankee vs. Red Sox brawl? No, it’s a blog ...
  • Supporting Shortcodes in Sitefinity Content

    Shortcodes are a popular feature of many CMS platforms that allow content authors to easily add rich content in a simple, user-friendly format, without cluttering up the content areas with cumbersome (and usually error-prone) HTML. For example, instead of copying and pasting a long string of raw HTML to embed ...