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  • Down-Under: A New Perspective on Building Widgets with Sitefinity

    Sitefinity comes with tons of slick widgets that users love so much about the system. Business users can use them right away and developers don’t need to write code unless they want to introduce some fancy customization. Sitefinity has always been about that – to provide all the user groups with ...
  • Making your widget templates editable through the UI

    You’ve just finished building your custom Sitefinity widget and a nice designer for it. It’s either part of a module or you’ve published it as a standalone widget in the Sitefinity marketplace. Your first customer downloads it and is very happy with it, except one thing – the template cannot ...
  • Filtering dynamic items by taxonomies in the backend grid

    Based on Radoslav Georgiev blog post about adding custom widget to the sidebar here I am going to add some additional modification to enable filtering by taxonomies in the backend grid for modules built using the Module Builder. First we need to extend the DynamicCommandWidget which I am going to ...
  • Filtering dynamic content items in the backend grid by workflow status

    Since the release of the module builder we've been asked number of times how to add filters to the dynamic items grid view. If you navigate to Content -> Dynamic Type in the sidebar there are only options to view "All" and "My" items which is not enough. Here I ...
  • Enhancing Widget Templates with Client Side Libraries

    Users have become more and more demanding in terms of user interface characteristics. To address that ever-increasing hunger for more fluid user experience akin to a desktop applications, browsers have evolved to adopt more and more powerful JavaScript libraries and HTML5 based elements. Sitefinity has many tools in its arsenal ...
  • Filtering dynamic items by custom taxonomy in the front end

    Since the release of the Module Builder we have received number of requests how to filter items by custom taxonomy from the generated widget. Here I am going to show how with very little custom implementation this can be achieved. First we need to have a dynamic module with a ...
  • How to display related data in dynamic content widgets

    (With Sitefinity version 5.1 and above there is a simple way to relate dynamic modules and here is a blog post that summarizes the process) Dynamic modules built with the Module Builder give you the ability to relate items using Guid fields. But after relationships between content types are defined, ...
  • Sitefinity Thunder supports Visual Studio 2012 and helps developers avoid ALT + TAB

    Earlier today Microsoft announced the official availability of Visual Studio 2012 and we are happy to announce that the latest release of Sitefinity Thunder, a Visual Studio plug-in that helps developers extend Sitefinity CMS, has now been updated to support Visual Studio 2012.  This extended support is included alongside ...
  • Sitefinity - Adding custom fields to search index

    In Sitefinity 5.1, custom fields can now be easily added to a Sitefinity search index.  No-longer do you need to use pipes and custom programming to include custom fields. How it works The properties for the search results widget and search index now contain a field whereby you add the ...
  • Installing the Template Importer module in Sitefinity

    Recently I’ve been receiving requests for help with the installation of the Template Importer module included in the Sitefinity SDK into an existing Sitefinity project. I’ve decided to create a blog post and a  video to record the whole process. Generally, the steps that I will list below could ...
  • What’s new in documentation for the past two weeks

    With the 5.1 release of Sitefinity, you have plenty of new features and improvements to play with. We’ve published documentation about new and old features. Here is the detailed list. User Guide Creating an A/B Test A/B Test full report Setup email notification for form responses Configuring custom hierarchical widgets...
  • Introducing PageTitleMode for ModuleBuilder DynamicContentView

    Some of you have shown particular interest in controlling the Page title behavior when viewing ModuleBuilder items. While we have this task on our to-do list, we decided that it'd be good to provide you with a solution before the actual feature implementation. With this blog post we're going to ...
  • Sitefinity MVC Store Sample Website Project

    As mentioned in today's webinar, Sitefinity now includes full support for developing using ASP.NET MVC. Because this implementation is fully in line with Microsoft's guidelines, we can make use of their samples and code from the ASP.NET MVC website. I've put together one of those samples using Sitefinity CMS for ...
  • Adding custom thumbnails sizes for Videos and Images in Sitefinity

    A couple of clients have shown interest in specifying a different size for the generated video thumbnails in Sitefinity. In this post we're going to demonstrate how you can do this and a couple more useful things with the default thumbnail generation logic.   Out of the box when uploading ...
  • Implementing a Membership or Subscription Service using Sitefinity Ecommerce

    Out of the box, Sitefinity empowers you to easily manage permissions for CMS users and roles.  Many customers have used Sitefinity to create content pages that are assigned to certain roles; like platinum, gold or silver.   You can use these permission roles along with Sitefinity Ecommerce to create a membership ...
  • What's New in Sitefinity Thunder

    We last looked at the new features in Sitefinity Thunder and since then, the Thunder team has made some fantastic updates and additions to the extension. Let's take a look at what you can do with the latest version of Sitefinity Thunder. Improved Widget Designers When creating a ...
  • Sitefinity performance boosters - keeping your pages warm

     A question I’ve received multiple times is “Why is it taking so long to load Sitefinity the first time after I recycle my application pool/restart my server/make change in my web.config file, etc"? The answer is simple – it’s how .NET works! Sitefinity is an ASP.NET web application. As such, ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce – Enhance your product images using Magic Zoom Plus

    Sitefinity Ecommerce comes package with a free 3rd party image tool called Fancybox.    FancyBox (www.fancybox.net)  is a JQuery tool for displaying images, html content and multi-media in a Mac-style "light box" that floats overtop of web page.   Fancybox is great tool to use for displaying images, however it ...
  • Versioning and upgrades in custom modules

    There are two types of modules in Sitefinity – static and dynamic. Dynamic modules are much easier to work with and we recommend you use those, unless you have very specific requirements that are not supported (hierarchies, complex data models, integrations with other systems). There are still cases where customers ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce - Adding related products

    Out of the box, Sitefinity Ecommerce V5 does not have an interface for relating products to each other.  This feature is currently in design, but until it is released, I would like to show you how you can create related products using the API and creating a custom view based ...