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  • Selecting documents in Field Controls with EditorContentManagerDialog

    There have been a lot of requests for a sample on Field Controls with a document selector, so I decided to show you how to make use of Sitefinity's EditorContentManagerDialog to select content inside field controls. This sample is simplified as much as it could be - there are no ...
  • Hiding Page Content From The Search Engine In Sitefinity Using Layout Widgets

    This post will describe how to create a layout widget that hides its content from the search engine in Sitefinity. This type of layout widget is useful if you want to hide a content block from the indexing or you don't want to write the same control logic for every ...
  • Extend your website to handle product promotions with 8 lines of JavaScript

    In this short article I will go over the process of creating a custom Sitefinity module that allows you to promote different products on your website. The module will enable your marketing team to manage new product promotions from a single place without the support of web developers. The promotion ...
  • Using Sitefinity to Manage Our Own Product Documentation

    We just launched a brand new Sitefinity documentation portal, which you can access at http://www.sitefinity.com/documentation. The goals we had for this project were to make all our documentation resources more easily accessible, and provide a single place that you can go for help when using Sitefinity. At the same ...
  • Creating Custom Configuration Settings in Sitefinity 4

    When extending Sitefinity via a custom Intra-Site Module, you'll often encounter the need to store and retrieve settings, either for user preferences or any other process within your module. There are many ways to do this yourself, including a custom table, flat text and xml files. Fortunately, Sitefinity has a ...
  • Creating Dynamic Module Items Using the Module Builder API

    We previously looked at how you can retrieve dynamic module items using the Module Builder API. Today we'll take a look at how you can use that same API to also create new items. Using the sample code from the Code Reference (generated for every dynamic module you create) you ...
  • How to add additional logic into Sitefinity built in widgets

    It is often needed to extend some of the capabilities of Sitefinity built in widgets. Since the widgets implementation is in Sitefinity assemblies the code files are not directly accessible. To override the methods for the widgets it is needed to  inherit from the built in widget and override some ...
  • Improve your website’s SEO ranking with Social Media

    The main task of search engines is to organize and display content in the most relevant manner, and Social Media is all about creating and sharing content. This is why the social media presence of a brand website is an important factor for its SEO performance. Google incorporated Twitter and ...
  • Extending the built-in content modules

    The built-in content modules like News, Events and Libraries provide a great set of functionality. However at some point you need to extend these modules with custom functionality that would help you manage better your site's content. In this blog post we'll take a look at several scenarios that may ...
  • Playing Videos in Sitefinity with HTML 5 instead of Silverlight

    In the current version of Sitefinity (4.4), any videos uploaded in the backend are by default only in WMV format. This limitation is there, because we use the MediaPlayer control from the RadControls for Silverlight suite to play those videos on Sitefinity pages, and Silverlight supports only this format. We’ve ...
  • Retrieving Data From Dynamic Modules Using the Module Builder API

    Last week, Gabe introduced us to the Module Builder, Sitefinity's latest feature available now since version 4.4. Gabe demonstrated the intuitive way the Module Builder can extend Sitefinity by creating a simple Showcases module (similar to our own Sitefinity Showcase). In this post, we'll take a closer look ...
  • Windows Authentication and Single Sign-On come to Sitefinity

    Today we have released a preview build for the Sitefinity Windows Authentication (WA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) feature. You can download the preview build and test drive the WA & SSO between multiple Sitefinity instances feature. This preview build is already available in your Client.NET accounts. The download package contains a Sitefinity ...
  • Building real-world modules with Sitefinity’s new Module Builder

    During yesterday’s webinar we provided the first ever in-depth look at Sitefinity 4.4’s new Module Builder.  This valuable productivity tool is designed to help developers rapidly create extensions (new modules) for their Sitefinity projects, while still providing a framework that can be customized for a wide variety of use ...
  • Implementing search for Users Administration screen in Sitefinity backend

    NOTE: Please note that the template has been revised to address the changes in Sitefinity 5.0 SP1 - build 5.0.2800 If you're experiencing any problems running the sample in the above mentioned version, please download the revised template - UsersListCustom and replace the old one in your ControlTemplates folder.  ...
  • A Developer’s Look at Content Lifecycle

    When working with the content modules in Sitefinity, we can either directly publish items that we create, or save them as drafts. Those operations create some different versions of the same content behind the scenes, and use a concept that we call content lifecycle. In this blog post we are ...
  • Creating a content module - Sticky Notes for your backend Dashboard

    Sticky notes are very useful when you need to write down some information to remember across work sessions. The Dashboard page of the Backend can be used to show these notes. Every time you login to your Backend you will see the notes that will remind you of what you ...
  • This week – Deep explorations of Sitefinity’s new Module Builder

    I’m pausing briefly from my webinar preparation to remind everyone that we’ll be conducting 2 webinars this week where we explore Sitefinity’s new Module Builder.  Webinar details Building real-world modules with Sitefinity’s new Module Builder JANUARY 11, 2012 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST The Module Builder tool, that is ...
  • How to Increase Your ROI from Social Media Campaigns: A 5-step Strategy

    With the growth of Social Media, organizations are rapidly increasing their marketing resources in this channel. According to the 2011 CMO Survey social media investments are expected to reach 10,1% of the total marketing budgets in 2012. Therefore, marketers need to come up with effective strategies to monetize their investments, ...
  • Sitefinity and the ASP.NET Code-Behind Model

    There are many ways to programmatically modify the pages which Sitefinity dynamically generates. One way is to develop .ascx user controls and plug them into the pages as Layout controls, Page controls or Form controls. The process is pretty straight forward and there are many resources devoted to this very ...
  • How to customize Sitefinity Workflow notifications

    Update This blog post relates to Sitefinity 4.x versions. With Sitefinity 5.x and older versions you can use the Notifications service to send the notifications. Please use this article if you are on Sitefinity 5.x or later: How to customize Sitefinity Workflow notifications. The following blog post will cover ...