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  • Change Your Sitefinity Media URLs. Three ways of doing it

    Media content has become increasingly important and preferred element for almost every content manager who aims for attracting large audience to their website. Therefore, content managers try to create unique media materials (video, audio, images) that will give them the vital competitive advantage in the dynamic business environment they operate ...
  • Quick and easy way to extend the News module by making use of the Sitefinity provider model

    In this blog post I will share with you a specific Sitefinity use case and how to go about it. User story “As a website administrators I want to have 3 different News modules just like the built-in Sitefinity News module because we have 3 different news authors who should ...
  • Disabling widget code in Sitefinity’s Page Edit Mode

    It’s extremely easy to create new Sitefinity widgets by creating a new ASP.NET control.  However, sometimes this custom code doesn’t work well in Sitefinity’s Page Editor.  In those cases it becomes necessary to disable the offending code while working in Sitefinity’s design mode.  To do this, we need to know ...
  • Vote for Sitefinity in the DevProConnections Awards

    The annual DevProConnections Awards is upon us and Telerik has 20 of its products (including Sitefinity) nominated for various categories.  The volume of coverage represented by Telerik’s product portfolio is evidence of how comprehensive the Telerik “toolbox” has become. Please help us by voting for your favorite Telerik products: Visit ...
  • “Hello World” guide to custom Sitefinity Widgets & ControlDesigners

    One of the primary ways that Sitefinity is extended is through custom widgets.  These custom widgets enable you to tackle challenges that might not be addressed with Sitefinity’s out-of-the-box features.   A user-friendly interface (known as a ControlDesigner) can then be added to these widgets to enable content authors ...
  • Using Update Panel in sitefinity

    If you try to use the update panel in Sitefinity and check Include Script Manager setting in page properties you will run into a little problem. Apparently, the update panel control expect to have registered a script manager on the page during the execution of OnInit method.  This is a ...
  • Empowering end-users using custom Sitefinity Layouts

    Prior to Sitefinity 4, when I needed 3-columns on a page, I had several bad options available: Inject a table using the Rich Text editor.  Toggle into HTML mode and type raw HTML. Create a brand new template for this narrow scenario. However, using Sitefinity 4’s layout editor I can ...
  • Sitefinity Publishing System: A Brief Walkthrough

    NOTE: We are currently working on updating the Blog post content to reflect the refactoring in Sitefinity PublishingSystem introduced in our latest releases. In addition we're planning on extending the sample project with a couple of pipes we encounter as frequently requested by clients. Please find attached an updated sample ...
  • The Sitefinity Designers Challenge is now in progress!

    Looking for a way to turn your design skills into some quick cash, software and exposure?  If so, then I recommend giving the Sitefinity Designers Challenge a quick look. Act fast to win a Sitefinity Small Business Edition license Be the first to create a template with the template builder...
  • Ready to upgrade from Sitefinity 3.x?

    Included in Sitefinity 4.2 is an Alpha release of the Sitefinity Migration Tool.  This is an early release of this tool, but the eventual goal is to enable everyone to make the leap to Sitefinity 4.  This post contains information and guidance about this tool. The migration story continues This ...
  • Registering custom pipes in Sitefinity

    Introduction Prior to Sitefinity 4.2 it was not possible or at least not easy to change or extend the publishing system of Sitefinity. That's why we reworked the publishing system with the idea one to be able to extend it or change it easily. The main idea is to add ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce is HERE

    I am pleased to be a part of the Telerik team that created the Sitefinity Ecommerce module!  The Ecommerce module allows a merchant to setup and configure an online store quickly and easily.  I love Sitefinity Ecommerce software and the ease of creating pages and dragging the Ecommerce widgets onto ...
  • 7 reasons you should upgrade to Sitefinity 4.2

    I’m delighted to announce that Sitefinity 4.2 is now available for download.  This is a really big release for us.  This is certainly evidenced by the lengthy release notes, but this release represents more than the sum of its parts.  I’m not going to cover every individual item in ...
  • Skinning the Sitefinity Navigation

    Ever seen a website with no navigation? I certainly haven’t.  It’s an essential element in every website and there’s a golden rule that the navigation has to be visually appealing and has to really do the job of helping your visitors find their way through your website easily. Sitefinity helps ...
  • 5 Things: Useful Examples of the Sitefinity ViewMap

    As we discovered in last week’s post Customizing Sitefinity 4 Controls with the ViewMap, the ViewMap is a simple but powerful way to take control of your controls, allowing you to globally map all instances of those controls to a custom external template file. Templates The Sitefinity 4 SDK...
  • Webinar posted – Introduction to Sitefinity Ecommerce

    Sitefinity 4.2 is just around the corner (early August 2011) and this release will add e-commerce capabilities to Sitefinity’s expanding feature set.  This past week, during Telerik’s Q2 2011 webinar week, we provided an introductory look at the e-commerce features coming to Sitefinity 4.2.  This webinar can now be watched ...
  • Adding validations to fields in the Sitefinity Form builder

    The Forms module is one of the new great features we introduced in Sitefinity 4. You can use it to robustly build various user interaction forms, polls, questionnaires and more with the intuitive Sitefinity drag-and-drop interface. Today we’ll explore the option to add validation to the text boxes, which are ...
  • Customizing Sitefinity 4 Controls with the ViewMap

    Earlier this week, you learned how to use the Advanced Settings in Sitefinity 4 to customize the toolbar configuration for Sitefinity’s RichText editor (RadEditor). This is an extremely useful technique for making site-wide toolbar changes to Sitefinity’s RadEditor.  Some scenarios, however, require additional customizations to the RadEditor or ...
  • Customizing the Sitefinity WYSIWYG Editor

    The Telerik RadEditor is the first of the RadControls, a tool with long history that has undergone huge improvements ever since its first edition back in 2002. It is the core of the Sitefinity rich text WYSIWYG editor, that is used in a number of locations (Content Blocks, new content ...
  • Creating Sitefinity 4 Content Modules Part 5: Module Installation

    Table of Contents This series covering Sitefinity Content-Based Module creation is broken up into 5 parts: Part 1: Project Setup and Hello World Part 2: Data Layer Part 3: Backend Administration Part 4: Frontend Controls Part 5: Module Installation Overview In the last four posts in this series, we laid ...