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  • Remove Blind Spots from Your Digital Marketing in 2 Steps

    Let’s face it—we all have our blind spots. Not just in our side mirrors while driving, but in our daily activities as well. In any complex situation, the human brain tends to oversimplify, which means immediately we are missing a lot of what’s actually happening. The bad news: In digital ...
  • Customer Experience Top of Mind for Luxury Car Dealer

    Buying behaviors today show that a customer’s first touch is digital. Whether it’s through a website, search engines or social channels, by the time a customer chooses to engage you directly, they’ve done over two-thirds of their decision-making. And if you are selling cars, you better be ready with an ...
  • Sitefinity, Meet OpenEdge; OpenEdge, Meet Sitefinity

    In the world of business application and data management, there is OpenEdge. OpenEdge is a platform for rapid application development, deployment and management. The platform incorporates data and application servers, advanced business language (ABL), business rules and business process management. It also encompasses Telerik Platform, which enables cross-platform native mobile ...
  • Sitefinity 9.1, Continuous Improvement

    We are excited to announce the release of Progress Sitefinity 9.1. Along with our newly updated brand, the new Sitefinity 9.1 continues our commitment to deliver new features and improvements to help organizations increase digital business agility across all channels. Sitefinity 9.1 enables development, IT and marketing to make changes ...
  • How to Enable Digital Marketing Agility

    In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of digital agility and how marketing’s ability to quickly create and deliver personalized customer experiences is hampered when they are dependent on technical resources to implement required functionality. There are several ways to increase agility beginning with technology that helps automate ...
  • Sitefinity Desktop Application Discontinued with 9.1 Release

    We have decided to discontinue the Sitefinity Desktop Application with the Sitefinity 9.1 release in May, 2016. The desktop application will no longer be available for download and the Sitefinity DAM Module, which provided the API connectivity for the desktop client, will not be available after the 9.1 release. Support ...
  • End of Support for Internet Explorer 10 and Older Versions

    On January 12, 2016 Microsoft ended support for older versions of Internet Explorer (IE) and stated that only the latest version, IE 11, will continue to receive security updates, compatibility fixes and technical support on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. In light of this Microsoft decision we have ...
  • 5 Challenges of Personalization

    This post is part of a series about tips to improve personalization (read post 1 and post 2). If you tackle personalization in a one-off fashion, such as targeting just one banner to one persona, the process is relatively easy. However, once the analytics prove this has been successful ...
  • Meet the New Sitefinity “Light” Backend Theme

    Many of today’s web design trends have their roots in minimalism. The emergence of responsive web design in 2010 marked the first big shift towards simple design, devoid of graphical elements. In 2011, Microsoft joined the trend with Windows 8 and its “modern design” language which prioritized ...
  • A Recap of a Transformed ProgressNEXT

    This year’s ProgressNEXT Partner Conference was like no other, from the Star Trek room to the incredible feedback we received. We recap the highlights of the event. From January 31st to February 3, over 300 individuals from Progress partners joined Progress Executives, sales, marketing, and channel teams for the 2016 ...
  • Sitefinity 9.0 is Your Key to Digital Business Agility

    We are excited to announce the release of Telerik Sitefinity 9.0. The new Sitefinity release is full of new enhancements, features and architectural improvements that help you achieve an unparalleled level of digital business agility with your online properties. Sitefinity now supports the needs of marketing to respond to rapidly ...
  • Sitefinity 9.0 Takes Performance and Productivity for Building Websites with ASP.NET MVC to a New Level

    Website visitors, marketers and developers all demand fast results from the sites they visit and the software they use. The Sitefinity CMS 9.0 release tailors to these demands and brings a host of performance and productivity improvements to the mobile-first, convention-based UI and ASP.NET MVC development framework known as Feather and available as open source on GitHub.   The new release improves website performance of MVC-based widgets thanks to precompiled views and makes ...
  • 5 Reasons a CMS Is the Marketing Hub for Associations

    In today’s digital age it’s not only important to have a website, you have to use it to drive your business forward. Embracing web technology does wonders for businesses in general—and associations are no exception. Blending marketing, communications and technology to develop and distribute a true digital experience was a ...
  • Better Digital Marketing Agility for Today's Requirements

    Marketing initiatives are constantly changing in order to keep pace with competitors and respond to industry trends. In this environment, marketing teams must have the agility to quickly create, deliver and measure marketing programs and personalized customer experiences to ensure these initiatives succeed. However, many marketing organizations still rely too ...
  • Sitefinity Self-Service License Management Improvements

    Today we released new functionality on our websites that provides customers with access to new self-service features to manage Telerik® Sitefinity™ licenses and register domains within their Telerik account that will make completing these tasks faster and simpler than ever before. You can now register all domain types with a Sitefinity ...
  • Methods to Personalize the Customer Journey

    Personalizing the web experience for your customers has never been more important. A growing number of businesses are adopting personalization, and an increasing number of users have come to expect it. In Part 1 of this series we looked at how personalization works. In this installment, we will explore how ...
  • CMS Critic Awards Sitefinity “Best CMS for Marketers” Award

    CMS Critic recently released its 2015 Awards and we are proud to announce that Sitefinity was awarded the "Best CMS for Marketers" over Kentico and Sitecore. Sitefinity has always been known as a very marketer-friendly CMS which is why the CMS Critic award is particularly satisfying because it ...
  • Sitefinity on AWS with CloudFormation

    With the ever growing adoption of cloud hosted web services, a very popular choice is the Amazon Web Services provider (AWS). Since CloudFormation is the recommended and probably easiest service you could use to automate the provisioning and configuration of your web service in AWS, we present you a basic ...
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    I really do not like to shop for clothes. The chaotic parking lots, long checkout lines, overly helpful store clerks and a selection of clothes with too many fits and styles all add to my frustration. However, I joined the Telerik Sitefinity team in October and I decided to purchase ...
  • Relate Users in Sitefinity Dynamic Content Modules

    If you ever wanted to relate Sitefinity users to one of your Dynamic Content Modules, you probably noticed that there is not an easy, out-of-the-box way to do that. Luckily, Sitefinity is designed for extensibility from the ground up so this relation is quite easy to achieve. This blog post ...
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