How do you decide which CMS fits your business needs? What kind of technology do you need to look for? And is it possible to predict what will work and what won't in a year? In order to buy a CMS that supports the growth of your business we suggest that you:

  • Create a cross-divisional team with people who know your business, users and systems.
  • Develop a business case built on your goals and strategies.
  • Get to know your users and their behavior.
  • Consider how you’ll reap the benefits of your investment by looking at governance before you buy.

There is also a relatively short window of opportunity to assess all the qualities of a CMS product and vendor, as well as strategize and envision the solution that matches your long term vision.

This Complimentary Buyer's Guide is intended to help you prepare and will ensure you purchase the best CMS for your enterprise.

Sample Sections

  • Business Goals and Strategies

  • The Business Case

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