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  • How Sitefinity helped Excited About Health! refresh their website into a content-management environment and eliminate a previously manual process


    Excited About Health! is a diet and lifestyle consulting company from Newcastle, Ontario, Canada. The owner is a certified Health Minister and an Olivier Skin Care Consultant. She had just certified as a Raw Food Chef and did not want to spend time integrating this information into an inflexible Google website.

    A fresh new look was required with the ability to feature three separate functions integrated into one cohesive website. Since event offerings were being expanded for 2013, the ability to easily manage the dates and registrations was paramount. With greater visibility, a simple method was required for a prospective customer to communicate with the company directly from the website—rather than by email or phone as with the old Google site.

    Sitefinity, was recommended by the chosen developer, Sitefinity Steve. Cost was a factor and because Sitefinity was so intuitive and user-friendly, Excited About Health! was able to load all content and images on their own with minimal guidance.

    From design development in Sitefinity until launch took Sitefinity Steve approximately three weeks. Several technologies were used, including Sitefinity v5.3, Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008. The site includes the Blog and Event modules as well as an interactive Registration form which dynamically pulls information from the Event listings. The Module Builder leveraged to store and display reviews and product data.

    The transition from a static site to fully functional CMS went off without a hitch. Performance is the same, if not better than serving straight HTML pages. Customers are delighted to browse the easily-navigable new material and are utilizing the social networking icons to help publicize the site.


    Excited About Health! is a diet and lifestyle consulting company dedicated to spreading the message that “You Don’t Have to be Sick!” Our work falls into three separate functions, all with a “raw” theme: (1) teaching the laws of natural health, of which part of this plan is to eat 85% raw foods; (2) offering Raw Food Chef certification courses, to change customer’s thinking that raw foods are just boring salads; and (3) offering raw chemical-free skin care products.

    Our existing website was Google-based, flat, static and inflexible. It originally launched with only two of the three functions now available. At that time, two classes were being offered and the contact/registration information was limited to email and telephone.

    Since the existing site was extremely limited, we were hesitant to invest any resources in updating on that platform. We wanted a fresh, vibrant looking site that was both professional and fun to navigate. The challenge was to integrate the desired functionality, while still addressing our broader product offering in one cohesive website. With our event expansion from two to eight offerings, we needed a more sophisticated way to manage our many event dates and registrations. Further, we needed a more dynamic method for our visitors to engage with us beyond just posting an email address. We were also concerned about the excess spam that a publically visible email would generate, especially once the new site went live and garnered greater attention.


    Excited About Health! chose a web template design from http://themeforest.net which met the requirements for a fresh, new look, and easily accommodated the three business concentrations: teaching laws of natural health, Raw Food Chef certification, and raw chemical-free skin care.

    Sitefinity Steve, a certified Sitefinity Solutions Developer, took-up the Excited About Health! challenge. Using Sitefinity’s out-of-the-box capabilities, Sitefinity Steve easily addressed the Excited About Health! business needs by heavily modifying the design within the CMS. Sitefinity Steve’s creativity and deep knowledge base eased the transition for the company.

    They implemented per-page background images, leveraging the Sitefinity native images libraries. When the page loads it checks a specific album for an image which matches the page URL, then loads that image instead of the default background. This lets Excited About Health! keep the overall design the same, yet gives the individual pages a unique look.

    The Event module was used to list details for each of the new eight classes being offered, including the option to list four class dates and sort the order. This source information was then used to dynamically create an Events page, listing each event at a glance, and listing according to the sort field. Each listing now included a “Register Now” button as well.

    A Registration form was created that would dynamically populate the form with details of the class, depending upon which “Register Now” button had been selected. This included a KendoUI drop-down list of the four event dates for selection.

    A contact form was created to submit messages directly from the website to satisfy the final requirement for greater customer engagement.

    An additional feature was implemented to save Excited About Health! significant administrative time from duplication of effort. Prior to the change, Excited About Health! had to maintain a separate Facebook page aside from their website. Once the Blog module was implemented with its social networking tools, the company could centrally manage their social media presence in one place.

    Finally, because the Sitefinity interface provides ample options for search engine optimization techniques, the developer guided the company in the utilization of meta-data information that would ensure each page received the level of attention necessary to achieve high page ranks in search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


    Sitefinity provides the tools to make every site a success. For Excited About Health!, the initial reaction has been extremely positive. Customer reviews tell the success story:

    “I really like the background changes in the lifestyles section.”

    “The site looks amazing!”

    Excited About Health! is happy to have accomplished its goals for the new website. The website launch followed a successful migration of previous content, while also offering a dynamic platform for developing new content. Excited About Health! looks forward to the time savings from maintaining a manageable website built on a content management system by Sitefinity.

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