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  • The way bookings are made has changed fast in our industry. We have, for example, an increase of mobile surfing on our site with nearly 50 percent and then it is still not mobile compliant. The new site is a major step to meet the demand, the new publishing tool Sitefinity CMS means that we can work with it as a house-building. Now we can easily renovate various parts or build new modules, while the regular activities are continuing.
    Johan Fägerblad, president of Svenska Möten
    Svenska Möten
  • Sitefinity is great because it leverages all of Telerik’s controls to create an easy-to-develop, easy-to-deploy CMS.
    Eric Leder
  • When it came to their new website, Tervis Tumbler was most concerned with improving their customers’ online experience. This meant keeping content fresh and up-to-date as soon as it was available without having to depend on a 3rd party. Sitefinity empowered them to do this.
    James Williamson, Partner
    MethodFactory, Inc.
  • Being both the developer and the designer of Energy Studies Institute, we see the clear benefit of Sitefinity as a platform for content management systems and website design. We will continue to support the platform as a good choice for any potential CMS projects.
    Kenny Tew
    Magicsoft Asia Systems
  • Links Technology Solutions has done a great job developing TopGolf’s Sitefinity platform so that day to day updates and additions are a breeze. With the help of Links' training and Sitefinity’s content management system, TopGolf has been able to increase visit numbers, page views and conversions.
    Shaun Sinnott, Online Development Manager
  • Sitefinity has made implementing a CMS for a demanding customer much easier than it could have been with another tool.
    Cihan Kurt, Software Development Manager
  • Sitefinity is the perfect solution for any association that has custom development or integration needs and requires rapid deployment. The software is technologically sound, highly-configurable and affordable. In my opinion, there is no other content management system that associations should consider.
    Mike Wiley, Founder and President
    Vanguard Technology
  • Sitefinity has offered NAN an easy to use content management system that requires very little technical knowledge to update the content on their website.
    Kelly Andreae
  • Sitefinity is an amazing Content Management System. Along with the multiple modules available in it like Generic content, Documents, Images, Videos, Events, News, Lists & Blog, its closely tied up architecture Visual Studio makes it a dream CMS for our developers. Its control over SEO is also extremely useful to us.
    Manjit Kaayikkodathu
  • Since the last redevelopment of the Nextel website in March, 2009, and its migration to Sitefinity, the number of leads through our website has increased by 40%.
    Walter Gandra, Project Manager
  • TRANZACT is a very dynamic company and their existing static website was not serving their immediate or long-term needs. Sitefinity provides their internal resources the power and ability to keep their website information fresh and expand as their services expand.
    Matt Murphy, Executive Director
  • As an ambassador for Sitefinity, we have seen the technology work exceptionally well for our clients. It was time to put it to work for ourselves.
    Michael Westafer
    Roger West Creative and Code
  • Our development team loves using Sitefinity as it enables them to get the core framework for a website up and running very quickly and then enables us fully integrate bespoke functionality on top of a truly robust framework.
    Gavin Beddow
  • Zimweb have done an excellent job to re-launch our site giving us the tools to keep the site running smoothly using cutting edge technology. Development times have decreased and the focus has shifted to adding new functionality rather than using our budget on maintaining the site. Sitefinity is proving to be an excellent platform for us to move our business forward.
    Craig Burton, Commercial Director
  • The solution provided met the objectives of our website, allowing us to make content and page changes in real time with an approval process.
    Brett Boadway
    Marketing Department at The Dominion of Canada
  • Sitefinity CMS appeared right from the beginning to be the best solution to satisfy our customer's requirements.
    Carolina Regonesi
    DNA S.r.l.
  • I think we found our new go-to partner for all things CMS. This tool is easy to use and has more features and functions than tools with a much higher price tag.
    Phil Deren
    Sr. Developer at Williams-Forrest LP
  • Being both the developer and the designer of the Morris Law Group website, we see the clear benefit of Sitefinity as a platform for law firm content management systems and legal and lawyer website design. Our development time has been cut in half since moving our core CMS business to the Sitefinity CMS.
    Kalvin MacLeod
    Cubicle Fugitive
  • By adopting Sitefinity CMS, Option 1 Credit Union was able to implement a fully-featured website that provides site visitors with the information that they require to make informed decisions.
    Larry Miclette, President
    Zag Interactive
  • As a developer I believe that Sitefinity is without a doubt the best choice on the market for CMS based sites.

    John Koliba
    D.E. Web Works
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