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  • I've been using Telerik products since 2009, and I can say that it is the best developer tool that I ever purchased. It has improved my look & feel of my applications without wasting time in design and also improved my projects delivery time. I've also purchased the Sitefinity CMS and it is the best CMS ever. I can create e complete website in a couple of hours. Telerik has the best set of developing tools on the market.
    Gilbert Rafael
  • The Telerik system made setting up our website very easy, I recommend that others use this program.
    Laura Jones
    North Philadelphia Hospital System
  • Amadeus Consulting provided us a simple, beautiful website and content management system platform Sitefinity that boasts an incredible user experience. We couldn't ask for a better value from a company that is a 'one-stop shop' for technology solutions.
    Greg Eddy
    Flatirons Scuba
  • I have used your product for about 10 months now.  My boss and my customers, some of which are web developers, think my work is incredible.   for some of it, because they add such great functionality to my applications.  I have not even used all the features that come with your product, because there is so much in the package.
    Mark Bleshenski
    Netsource One
  • Of all evaluated content management systems, Sitefinity fulfilled the greatest number of defined objectives

  • For a client like this operating in a dynamic environment, Sitefinity was the perfect platform to use. ESRI needed a reliable, easy to use solution to help them manage large amounts of data. We were very happy with the functionality offered by Sitefinity and it improved this project substantially.
    Tom Carroll
  • "Rolling out Sitefinity for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy was especially rewarding considering our passion for the work of the ATC.  Our confidence in the recommendation to use Sitefinity was based upon a genuine assurance that the ATC would be served well by this product."
    Phil Deren
    Sr. Developer at Williams-Forrest LP
  • I’ve worked with dozens of content management systems over the years; none have come close to matching the balance between flexibility and simplicity offered by Sitefinity. There is nothing I haven’t been able to do!
    Josh Morales
    City Web Developer
  • Just over one month has passed since the launch of the GenealogyCenter.org website. We remain very pleased with the look of the site and the response that we have received from our customers. The presentation to our Library Foundation Board went well, and they were amazed and impressed with the difference from our old site. I could tell that they were very proud that foundation money could be used for such a great enhancement.
    Curt Witcher
    Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
  • I’m extremely pleased with the Parkhouse Healthcare website. It is both attractive and easy to use and is one that I believe will do great things for the client.
    David Sealey, Director
    Parkhouse Healthcare
  • We were amazed to see with how little additional effort our .Net programmers made the site work. This of course meant a speedy, secure and inexpensive delivery of similar future projects.
    Andrea Ziegler, Managing Director
  • The speed at which we could develop and create this site was just remarkable, and we are still learning new things about it almost on a daily basis.
    Sean Molam
  • The project team managed to deliver a 100% “ready to launch “site within 6 weeks all included
    Netmedia Software
  • We have leveraged a CMS product that facilitates the rapid deployment – from a design and development perspective – of a robust, content‐fresh, up‐to‐date web presence for a major Hollywood talent agency and management group. Sitefinity has not only provided the right CMS platform, but is ever‐affordable too.
    Rowan Harper
  • Sitefinity exceeded the client’s expectations in ease of use and providing a growth plan for future success. The LAX Shop has already seen the return on investment in regards to being able to update their content and products as well as leverage social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook.
    Patrick Emmons
    Adage Technologies
  • Overall, we are very happy with Sitefinity. The new CMS has made our life much easier.
  • The Ease of Use and Rapid Deployment Combined with an Affordable Pricing Make Sitefinity CMS the Ideal Solution for Managing and Maintaining Website Content.
    Fred Tang
    Piramide Group
  • Tamweel gave us free rein to harness the best resources in bringing this site to life. We naturally got in touch with Sitefinity. Their intuitive CMS tools and effective approach to web problem-solving helped us tick all the boxes on this project with the minimum of fuss
    Alexander Rauser
    Digital Media Director, Omnia
  • The plumlife website really showcases the flexibility of the sitefinity platform
    Chris Chapman
    Prodo Ltd
  • Yet another Sitefinity project delivered on time and on budget. Our technical team all agree that Sitefinity is a first class CMS with some great web 2.0 capabilities and its open architecture means that we can drive even more value for our customers through additional module creation
    Chris Chapman
    Prodo Ltd
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