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How to achieve Url Rewriting/Redirection

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  1. Surya CD
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    06 Apr 2010
    19 May 2012
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    Hi All,
    I need to rewrite/redirect urls for my Sitefinity 5 website to these formats.

    1. http://test.net/default.aspx to http://test.net/en/default

    2. http://test.net/en/default.aspx to http://test.net/en/efault

    The site should support multiple languages.
    If the language selected is Chinese, the url for home page will be 

    3. http://test.net/zh-CHS/default-zh.aspx to http://test.net/zh-CHS/default-zh

    4. http://test.net/default-zh.aspx to http://test.net/zh-CHS/default-zh

    I am trying to rewrite/redirect these using urlrewriter.net. 
    But I don't know the regular expressions to achieve this. Please help.


  2. MB
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    302 posts
    09 Jan 2005
    21 May 2012
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    A good reference is here.


    Obviously, it helps if you already understand regular expressions, but the 'Match URL' section on IIS7.5 has a pattern-match test function, so you can trial and error your patterns against real URL examples, and get the {R:n} references for URL manipulation. 

    By default, the rewrite match expects to only test path and query, not the scheme and host.
  3. Brett Whittington
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    89 posts
    10 Aug 2012
    01 Jun 2012
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    So I believe you are using the URL rewriter from http://urlrewriter.net/.  To remove the .aspx, I had to add the following section to my web.config.  It basically takes whatever the URL is and strips the .aspx off of it.
        <redirect url="~/(.+)\.aspx" to="~/$1" />        
3 posts, 0 answered