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Configuration Error

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  1. Falcon325
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    9 posts
    18 Sep 2006
    19 Dec 2007
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    Hello All,
    I'm using Sitefinity Community Edition, I am completely satisfied with the product and plan to purchase a license in the near future. That being said, i need some advice on a particular problem. Using the VS2005 starter page web app (the one with the photo gallery) I decided to see if I could use it in conjunction with a Sitefinity Project. In the Control panel, the option to create a page mapping external to Sitefinity gives you two options, one, to re-direct the user to a relative path under the project, and the other to re-direct to a valid domain. Question; if I create a virtual directory under the sitefinity project,

    Line 82: </eventMappings>
    Line 83: <providers>
    Line 84: <add name="Simple Web Event Provider" type="Telerik.Utilities.TextFileWebEventProvider,Telerik.Framework" logFileName="~/App_Data/sitefinity.log"/>
    Line 85: <add name="Simple Web Buffered Event Provider" type="Telerik.Utilities.BufferedTextFileWebEventProvider,Telerik.Framework" bufferMode="Notification" logFileName="~/App_Data/sitefinity.log"/>
    Line 86: </providers>
    ie "gallery", as an IIS application, will it throw an exception. I believe so!!
  2. Pepi
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    981 posts
    31 Jan 2017
    21 Dec 2007
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    Hello Sean,

    You are right that configuring that "Gallery" project as a
    virtual directory under Sitefinity will cause problems. A possible approach is to set the "Gallery" project as a separate application in the IIS and then add it as an external page.

    Hope this helps.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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  3. Falcon325
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    9 posts
    18 Sep 2006
    22 Dec 2007
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    Thank You Team Telerik, so far I've solved half the problem, after changing the relative path to the App under IIS, I just need to be sure it will work live, in any case thank you for yoyr support. I solved the issue by using the local IP address of "127.0.01" instead of "localhost", and it worked perfectly. Just need to do it on the production server now, I'll let you all know how it goes. Thanks again.
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3 posts, 0 answered