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Sitefinity Performance & removal of Kendo Libraries for performance tuning

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  1. Zepp
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    19 Aug 2015
    07 Sep 2016
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         Our client has asked us to remove Kendo Library references from their sitefinity project as the website is taking too much time to render/load. Ther were two explicit added references in our Navigation.ascx (widget) for Kendo Libraries. We have removed that. This messed up the Kendo Menu, we have styled it without using Kendo. 

    However, we have noticed that even after removal of Kendo, Kendo is being loaded  & the library is being injected in a TelerikResource.axd file which was not happening before. How can I tell Sitefinity to not add Kendo in its dynamic resource files.

    Also, After removal of Kendo Navigation Menu & Search bar would stop working, Are there any other front end widgets that depend on Kendo Library. Also If I remove Kendo from front end, will it be removed from CMS backend also? Because we can have Kendo for the CMS backend - Its just the front end website from which Kendo removal is required. 

    Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

  2. Steve
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    03 Dec 2008
    11 Sep 2016
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    Something on the page should be loading kendo, it's not like a base library thats arbitrarily added.

    Widgets use the ResourceLinks widget and say what they need, kendo, jquery, angular, whatever.  Then the widget makes sure it's only loaded\sent once.

    So there's GOTTA be something on the page that references kendo, maybe in the masterpage or something?  What about creating a page based on your template and see if it's there?


    What might speed it up in the short term is changing the script defs from KendoAll (bloated) to KendoWeb, and use the CDN option so it's downloaded faster and in parallel, not in the resources.axd.

    Get your kendo version and use the https cdn from here: 

    Kendo All contains Mobile and DataViz, which it sounds like you dont use so go nuts...

    Change it in like Settings->Advanced->Pages->ScriptManager->Kendo (off the top of my head, somewhere like that)

  3. Zepp
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    22 posts
    19 Aug 2015
    27 Sep 2016 in reply to Steve
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    Thank you Steve. Search box was the culprit. now Kendo is not injected in any of the .axd resource files. Thanks for the clarification. 



3 posts, 1 answered