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Winners of Sitefinity Challenge and release of Sitefinity 3.2 Final

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  1. Eric P.
    Eric P. avatar
    10 posts
    05 Jul 2007
    28 Feb 2008
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    Recently, a Sitefinity Challenge was organized on the homepage of this website. Hell, it's still on.
    You had to watch a couple of videos about Sitefinity, and answer 15 questions.

    If you got them right, you could win several prices including a Sitefinity license.

    At first, the Sitefinity Challenge ended on January 31. Arriving at January 31, the Sitefinity Challenge was still there, but didn't accept any new entries.
    A day later, the Sitefinity Challenge was "silently" continued, and accepted new entries again, regardless of the announced closing date of Januari 31th.
    We have now arrived 4 weeks later, and the Sitefinity Challenge is still held -- visit the homepage!

    What is this?!

    I reckon the exact same thing as announcing that Sitefinity 3.2 will be released at the start of Februari 2008. Then when that date arrives, simply stating that  there is a little delay and that SF 3.2 will be released 2 weeks later.

    Arriving 2 weeks later, the date now becomes Februari 19th.
    But hey, hold on, Sitefinity 3.2 Final will be releases in 2 weeks, something like Februari 29. You can count on it, folks!

    Now I read in the comments on the official announcement of Sitefinity 3.2 Beta in the forums, that the final version will be released on March 5.

    Great. Just, great. Let me tell you this. If I would handle my (potential) customers in a similar fashion, I would be out of a job in 72 hours. Tops. Probably 48.

  2. Bob
    Bob avatar
    330 posts
    30 Dec 2016
    29 Feb 2008
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    Dear Eric,

    Thank you for the honest feedback. It seems that we got too buried into development and forgot to properly communicate our plans to you, our customers. I understand this may lead to frustration on your side. I would like to clarify the subject:

    1. Sitefinity Challenge deadline has been originally set to 31st of January. Due to the huge interest in the contest, we decided to extend the deadline to March 31st.

    All participants who correctly answered the questions before the 31st of January will participate in the lottery next week to define the winners of the 3 Zune MP3 players and the 15 Sitefinity Standard edition licenses. The winners will be announced on the Sitefinity Challenge page on March, 5th.

    All contestants who sent their responses after the 31st of January will take part in another raffle at the beginning of April, when the Sitefinity Challenge will be officially over. Again, the winners will receive 3 Zune MP3 Players and 15 Sitefinity Standard edition licenses.

    2. The delay in the Sitefinity 3.2 official release was primarily due to the numerous optimizations we’ve been working on. Still, I understand your concerns and would like to compensate all Sitefinity customers for being patient and loyal to us. We will extend all active Sitefinity subscribers’ licenses with 1 month; your accounts will be updated next week.

    Please, accept my sincerest apologies.

    Sincerely yours,
    the Telerik team

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  3. Eric P.
    Eric P. avatar
    10 posts
    05 Jul 2007
    01 Mar 2008
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    Thank you Bob, for your clarification.
    I feel though that I have to point out one more aspect in this situation.

    From reading these forums and other Sitefinity sources regularly, I get the impression that a good part of the people using Sitefinity, use Sitefinity as a development platform to build their own unique implementation on. Let that be for their clients, of for them selfs.

    That makes it important for people to know what the roadmap for Sitefinity is, and when updates/upgrades are scheduled. This is important to (potential) customers so that they're able to align their activities on. It gives us, the customers, insight in your priorities.
    It enables us to decide if we should wait for a certain release, or that we are going to develop that missing Wiki, eCommerce add-on, or whatever we require on the shortterm for OUR business.

    And Bob, once you set a date, you stick to it. Strange thing in live is, that when the shit hits the fan, noone will remember later if you solved 85% or 100% of the problems. They just remember how fast you managed to get control of the situation. in other words, the perception of your company by your customers is greatly determined by how you follow-up on things you promise.


  4. Fani
    Fani avatar
    5 posts
    11 Sep 2015
    06 Mar 2008
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    Hello Eric,

    I perfectly understand your point about the importance of having a transparent roadmap and meeting our commitments in terms of service and product deliverables – new features and releases on time.

    In light of the recent delay in the release of Sitefinity v3.2 we understand we made a wrong estimation about the necessary time to deliver the promised features and modules. This is why we decided to compensate all customers who are entitled to receive this version but their subscription would have expired prior to the release. All customers who have purchased a Sitefinity License after January 1, 2007 and before April 1, 2007 received a one month subscription extension. The Client.NET accounts have already been upgraded and the Sitefinity v3.2 is already available for download.

    Once again I would like to take the chance and apologize to all customers whose projects were delayed due to the late release of Sitefinity v3.2. Still, I am hopeful that you will enjoy the new features and modules. Your feedback will be appreciated.

    the Telerik team

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4 posts, 0 answered