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Sitefinity 10.1 Internal Builds

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  1. Georgi
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    1 posts
    18 Sep 2013
    21 Jul
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    Sitefinity 10.1.6520.0 Release Notes

    What's Fixed:

    • Missing page translation is displayed in MVC Navigation in default language and causes 404 on click (FP)
    • Unpublished products appear on sitemap (FP)
    • Changing the additional URLs redirects to the default one field does not queue the page for syncing (FP)
    • Load Balancing Cache invalidation messages are sent when changing site context (FP)
    • Related data extensions API method GetItemsWithSameTaxons() generates too many SQL calls
    • Subscriber validation does not permit apostrophe (FP)
    • Cannot create MVC widget templates for more than one dynamic module (FP)
    • Email campaign issue does not resolve attributes when placed in a link tag (FP)
    • Querying form responses results in error: “The number of elements in the select list exceeds the maximum allowed number of 4096 elements” (FP)
    • Widget on a custom grid widget is not visible (FP)
    • External STS authentication login with facebook stopped working for SWT authentication (FP)
    • Redis connection string can`t be removed (FP)
    • Comments widget: Changes in the widget designer are not saved (FP)
    • Import does not work for pages with ContentBlock where Hyper link contains sfref="[pages] (FP)
    • SiteSync Migration: Feather widgets with one particular item are not correctly migrated
    • Randomly missing method in performance log file
    • Site shield doesn't work in Multisite with subdomains which are sub paths
    • Tag url could be duplicated (FP)
    • Related Data: Performance improvements in Feather (Documentation)
    • Invalid message text and url when sending site shield invitation mail for non default site
    • Ecommerce does not support Mastercard 2-series Bank Identification Numbers (FP)
  2. Nader
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    01 Oct 2014
    04 Aug
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    Sitefinity 10.1.6521.0 Release Notes

    What's Fixed:

    • Cannot remove all emails in form email textbox (FP)
    • Form widget labels are not correctly populated in the exported form responses file (FP)
    • Warmup module does not work in Azure Web Apps (FP)
    • SF10 backend login displays the Membership Providers name and not their title (FP)
    • Cannot delete a translation item from Errors tab with status Receiving error (FP)
    • ModuleBuilder->Backend Screens Tweaks with many fields fix (FP)
    • IE: List > The checkbox for selecting a list item in the grid, cannot be checked in IE10 (FP)
    • External page selector doesn`t have url validation (FP)
    • Bulk edit of tags does not display successful message (FP)
    • Calendars list header in WebForms calendar is not localizable (FP)
    • Cannot change Success email template in Registration widget (FP)
    • Cannot connect mailing list to MVC form (FP)
    • MVC Login widget loses Url parameters after redirecting back to restricted Pages (FP)
    • MVC Navigation widget do not shows properly restricted page nodes. (FP)
    • Changing owner of a page as non administrator throws error (FP)
    • Address field: State is not passed in the full address (FP)
    • Unable to login on Windows server 10, with installed update: 4025344 and .Net Framework < 4.6.2
    • Mp4 videos cannot be played on Mac environment with Safari browser (FP)
    • Cannot login to Sitefinity in Azure using App Service
  3. Steve
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    3037 posts
    03 Dec 2008
    14 Aug
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    Where do we download these, I dont see the links in my account backend?

    *EDIT* They are there now thx

  4. Georgi
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    1 posts
    18 Sep 2013
    16 Aug
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    Sitefinity 10.1.6522.0 Release Notes

    What's Fixed:

    • Ecommerce: PayPal Payments Standard: Total amount with exact fraction is sent to the PayPal without rounding off the decimal points (FP)
    • Feather Script Sections not functioning properly with child templates (FP)
    • Form responses display wrong IP address when using SSL Offloading (FP)
    • Site selector widget language links for another site navigate to root url (FP)
    • Scripts are always loaded on the top of the page in Hybrid mode, even when there is no Script Manager (FP)
    • Form Response export does not strip invalid input (FP)
    • SiteSync: More than 2 levels of document Libraries cannot be synced (FP)
    • Revision history labels are not correct when the Item is unpublished. (FP)
  5. Nader
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    0 posts
    01 Oct 2014
    01 Sep
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    Sitefinity 10.1.6523.0 Release Notes

    What's Fixed:

    • FilePath of live document item not updated when changing document library and using AWS Blob Storage provider (FP)
    • RelatedMedia: Library tree doesn't show the folders for a library if the list of libraries is limited with TargetLibraryId (FP)
    • Search, ML: non-default language version of a restored item is not shown in the search results
    • SiteSync does not log out the user used for synchronization (FP)
  6. Stoyan
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    7 posts
    21 Mar 2013
    1 hour ago
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    Sitefinity 10.1.6524.0 Release Notes

    What's Fixed:

    • Added  'sub' type to the supported claims (A claim of type 'sub' was not present on the provided ClaimsIdentity)
    • MVC Forms: Multiple Checkboxes don't render the Textbox associated to "Other" in the frontend.(FP
    • Email notification is sent when deleting form response (FP
    • Modifying an existing custom field to be required does not apply css to error message (FP
    • Can't create User via the Backend when the membership provider is set to ASP.NET SQL membership provider
    • Site Sync: Image of the different translation than the default language (en) failed to sync (FP
    • File not found exception thrown by LibraryHttpHandler when custom 404 is set (FP
    • Recycle bin: Actions menu cannot be expanded from the expand arrow
6 posts, 0 answered