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SiteCommerce for Sitefinity

by Spin Box
Publication date:
Nov 1, 2011, 19:34 PM



Price: $ 895

Sitefinity SiteCommerce screenshotOver the years there have been many attempts to integrate an e-commerce solution into the award winning Sitefinity CMS. Some have succeeded with an ad-hoc solution and hundreds of man hours in toe, however many have failed.

Having a single web site application to run your on-line business will not only save you a substantial amount of money, but also offer your visitors/customers the ability to have a single registration and sign-on for all the features you want to offer on your web site, and utilise the power of Sitefinity and visual appeal of its Admin interface.

SiteCommerce allows the administrator or website master, build the shopping cart into a Sitefinity website. Using the SF drag and drop Controls, Shopping cart modules can be dragged into Sitefinity Templates and Pages and placed as suited. (A user control can consist of category or product listing, shopping cart, summary, recent products, featured products, check out screen etc...)

With SiteCommerce providing a great e-commerce store which would suit majority of online business, we understand that your requirements maybe specialised from providing online training courses or a unique product with unique attributes which our out of the box solution does not cater for. Alternatively your in-house resources maybe limited to setup the SiteCommerce store in your website.

SiteCommerce has been developed by Spinbox and is distributed by Spinbox Media, a UK based digital agency who specialises in Sitefinity CMS and online marketing. As a bespoke service, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements in detail and provide a quote for your website and ecommerce store.