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  • Categories and Tags

    3.52 min'
    Sitefinity supports simple tags, categories, facet, and network taxonomies. These advanced taxonomies allow powerful content relations to be represented in Sitefinity.
  • Fluent API

    3.05 min'
    Sitefinity’s Fluent API empowers developers to be more productive and ensures that your website will be perfectly tailored for your unique needs.
  • Page Setup with Widgets

    3:40 min'
    Once the page layout is ready, content editors can drag-and-drop widgets from the toolbox to define how you want the content to be displayed.
  • Revision History

    3.50 min'
    Content in Sitefinity is automatically versioned. Sitefinity makes it easy to compare content versions by highlighting differences.
  • Page Layouts

    3.21 min'
    The powerful Sitefinity 4.0 Page Layout Builder empowers anyone to experiment with different content layouts and format content in real time.
  • Web Analytics

    4.27 min'
    The integrated Analytics module includes all standard Google Analytics reports including Visitors, Traffic Sources, and Content. The module provides an overview of recent website activity directly in Sitefinity.
  • Forms

    5.32 min'
    With the advanced Forms module by using drag and drop widgets (text boxes, multiple choice, checkboxes, etc.) you can create a new form and define which fields are required without ...
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