Usability that Empowers the Business

Empower your business users to get their job done independently and effectively

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  • Powerful Drag & Drop Authoring, on-page editing and contextual guidance for self-servicing marketing teams
  • Complete Feature set to create content experiences, run campaigns and deliver results
  • Rated #1 in Ease of Use in the Gleanster 2014 WCM Benchmarks
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Sitefinity interface

Next Generation of Digital Marketing and Big Data Analytics

Drive measurable impact across digital channels by personalizing the customer journey

  • Personalization, content targeting, persona profiling and segmentation that your team can immediately start using
  • Integrated Digital Experience Cloud that includes Customer Journey Analysis, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics for optimizing every customer experiences
  • Built-in ecommerce, email marketing, landing page management and cross-channel delivery tools

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Digital Marketing

Winning Mobile Experiences

Deliver multi-device experiences at scale

  • Responsive detection, transformation and preview engine that enables you to adapt the presentation for any device 
  • Out of the box tools for creating content driven mobile apps

  • Mobile-enabled across the board: from building templates and landing pages to managing navigation and video

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Mobile Strategies 

Global Solution that Spans Brands, Organizations, Languages and Assets

Productivity, performance and delivery at any scale

  • Central control for all websites and assets through Multisite Management
  • Staging and synchronization of content and code across different environments
  • Multilingual Toolset that supports demanding global organizations
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Enterprise Deployment Scenarios

True Integration Platform for Your Business Systems

Own the process and data across every single channel

  • Out of the box integration with enterprise solutions including SharePoint, Salesforce and Marketo
  • Comprehensive enterprise security, authentication and single sign on capabilities
  • Open and easy to extend to meet any integration requirement
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Interoperability with other systems

Development Framework to Build Stunning User Experiences

Develop custom solutions and maintain control even when project requirements change

  • Create custom content structures with a single click with Module Builder
  • Use MVC, Javascript, Angular JS, Kendo UI, Telerik Controls or your favorite technology to build for ultimate experience and speed
  • Provide your business users with a one of a kind editing interface
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Sitefinity Development