Usability that Empowers the Business User

Empower your business users to get their job done independently and effectively

Effective execution will set you apart from your competition and enable your business to grow. Work in an intuitive and predictable CMS environment where multiple stakeholders can collaborate and drive business impact.

Winning Mobile Experiences

Deliver multi-device experiences with little to no development effort

Never let CMS limitations dictate your mobile strategy. Create and manage responsive sites optimized for a variety of mobile devices. Generate mobile apps that leverage data, device sensors and geo-location services for a unique experience.

Online Marketing That Boosts Conversion Rates

Automate your visitors' path to conversion and turn leads into revenue

Personalize the customer experience by segmenting groups and deliver custom content. Build email marketing campaigns that maintain the look and feel of your website. Quickly set up your Ecommerce store with drag & drop widgets.

Complete Extensibility with a Fully-Exposed API

Develop custom solutions and maintain control even when project requirements change

With Sitefinity’s fully-exposed API, there are no boundaries. Retain complete control over the website project with the ability to extend the platform for custom creation. Go beyond Sitefinity’s out-of-the-box features to write your own reusable code and controls.

Integration With Adjacent Business Systems

Leverage Your CMS as the Linchpin Between Systems of Record and Systems of Engagement

Share information between your CMS platform, Marketo and Saleforce to personalize the customer experience and transform your online visitors into buyers. Connect your SharePoint assets to Sitefinity and deliver your content through hybrid mobile apps.

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