What's New in Sitefinity 8.0 

The Digital Marketing Platform that Wins Customers Globally

Introducing Your Digital Marketing Command Center

The Sitefinity™ Digital Experience Cloud is a powerful marketing engine, enabling you to optimize customer experiences and drive sky-high conversion rates. Integrating with your websites and systems of record, it helps you determine which campaigns are contributing to business goals, where your best potential customers can be found and how you can increase the numbers that count. These insights tie directly to Telerik® Sitefinity CMS to help you tailor customized experiences designed to deliver results.

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Transform Marketing Into a Zero-Waste System

Marketing Attribution is the simplest way to connect marketing efforts with business results such as revenue and retention. Attribution can determine which assets work and which don't in the context of every single business KPI you’re tracking. It can tell you which campaigns drive the highest conversion rates, even the interactions that took place long before the visitor became a lead, or the lead a customer. 

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Connect Experiences to Relationships

With Data Connectors for Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SQL databases, Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud enables you to integrate customer interactions from different systems of record with ease. Want to know which marketing assets are driving opportunities created in SalesForce, or how you can beat revenue projections for the next month? Simply set these as goals and the DEC will start supplying insights.

Data Integration

Start Your Day with an Insight

The Integrated Marketing Dashboard gives you a daily dose of insight about how your customers are interacting with your website and what makes them convert. With visibility into the best-performing campaigns and most improved KPIs, you start your day with a dose of data-driven inspiration.



Manage Centrally, Deliver Globally 

Sitefinity platform 8.0 enables you to bring more brands, regions and content authors into one system of engagement that drives your entire global presence. Workflows per site and language enable you to designate content editors and approvers for any region, brand or topic. Taxonomies enable you set up independent information architectures, while granular site sync provides the freedom to deploy every single experience, anywhere in the world.


Beautifully Simple and Simply Beautiful MVC Development

With more than 20 new MVC components in the development presentation framework, you get more tools to create clean, modern and responsive web experiences your way. Sitefinity platform 8.0 introduces MVC widgets for search, social sharing, images and images galleries. It also provides client-side components such as image selectors, infinite scroll, drag-and-drop and more.


Don't Blink. Your Application Just Started

The Page Precompilation Tool eliminates waiting times and reduces processor load. It optimizes or completely skips the application warm-up phase by allowing pages to load from precompiled assemblies. You can even integrate the tool with your automation scripts for a seamless, continuous delivery process.

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