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Telerik Sitefinity™ 7.0 Brings Productivity, Control and More Engaging Experiences Than Ever Before

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Manage Any Content Relationship

Telerik Sitefinity makes it easy to set up relationships and interlink information without leaving the user interface. The Related Content Types feature allows you to build any type of complex structure you can imagine—relating products and blog posts, speakers and events, doctors and hospitals or any other one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many relationship. 

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Get Richer Pages With Custom Fields

Pages are key assets that require constant maintenance, and their attributes go far beyond a title and a URL. With Telerik Sitefinity, you can empower end users to manage a variety of custom fields, such as categories, related media and content, text or any other meaningful information that will help you meet requirements. This way, you can make full use of modern SEO techniques, embrace semantic markup, classify pages, create rich mega menus, integrate third party tools and more. The best part is that developers can set all these scenarios in templates once, letting business users take full control over updates.

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Enhance Products and Content With Ratings and Reviews

Telerik Sitefinity enables you to collect customer reviews and display feedback and ratings on your website. This not only drives engagement via a fast and responsive interface, but also informs customers and helps inspire trust in your brand. Ratings and reviews are a must for e-commerce products. Sitefinity enables you to go beyond ratings and feedback and support other content types. This provides a great addition to your content library, interactive website or intranet—where you can start collecting feedback from co-workers immediately.

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Play HTML5 Video Across Browsers and Mobile Devices

We operate in an omni-device environment and this requires a video player that functions on any device and plays any format. Using the Telerik RADMEDIAPLAYER, Telerik Sitefinity supports all HTML5 media formats (MP4, WebM, Ogg, WAVE), and is ready to play in all modern and mobile browsers without requiring additional plugins. The Sitefinity Video player also supports easy integration with YouTube, playlists and audio files. The media player provides you with the capability to fully customize the look and feel and fit your design and branding.

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Provide Rich Content With Media Fields

In the current competitive space it is crucial to enhance your blog, releases or events with interactive media. Sitefinity enables you to add unlimited images, galleries, videos or documents and directly display them in widgets. Authors are then able to update and manage them as an integral part of the publishing process. You can even add media fields to media fields in order to provide UI for rich and interactive experiences such as hover image changes. 

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Duplicate Page Templates and Forms

Duplicate pages, forms and templates with Sitefinity, giving you the necessary flexibility to build and deliver each task quickly. This enhances template inheritance so you can easily set up hierarchies for your templates and manage them without ever repeating the same action twice.

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Personalize By Role

Sitefinity 7.0 includes new improvements so you can personalize content based on user role. This helps you create personal experiences for different types of visitors. Easily tailor information to specific clients in B2B websites or provide department-relevant experiences in your company intranet. Roles also seamlessly integrate with third party systems such as Salesforce, Marketo or Active Directory, so your systems’ existing data can drive content targeting in a meaningful way. 

And Much More

Sitefinity 7.0 contains many other features that will increase your productivity, control and performance—and help you deliver amazing experiences. The release contains solutions to 46 of the most popular customer feedback items, and they cover over 15% of all public votes. Other new features include dynamic thumbnail creation, multisite migration, sharing draft pages with reviewers, customizable drag-and-drop placeholder labels, revision history for dynamic items, improvements in filtering and more. Sitefinity 7.0 also includes improvements across the board and development tool upgrades. 

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