Telerik Sitefinity 8.1

Enter new markets with the click of “Send for Translation”

Telerik Sitefinity CMS 8.1 provides an innovative translation management solution that enables you to deliver multilingual content anywhere in the world. You can delegate localization to agencies and services to provide expert translations. Simply select the content to be translated and Sitefinity will generate the industry standard XLIFF format, integrate with your agency’s FTP server or automatically connect with services such as Lionbridge Freeway and translations.com.

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Ready, Stage, Sync

A fine-tuned staging and synchronization infrastructure is critical for global businesses today to deliver content from a single authoring location to production environments anywhere in the world. The Site Sync module enables you to schedule multiple sync operations, receive notification emails upon successful synchronizations and auto retry if a synchronization fails, reliably accelerating your entire delivery processes.

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MVC 5, *High Five*

Support for ASP MVC 5 and .NET 4.5 enables you to utilize the best of Microsoft technology right within Sitefinity. Sitefinity 8.1 also introduces 21 new responsive MVC-based widgets, making it easy to deliver web and mobile experiences based on pure MVC technology.

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Mobile Apps, With a Personal Touch

As the worlds of mobile and online converge and customer journeys span beyond websites, it is crucial to understand those journeys and deliver consistent messages across every channel. But what about consistent personalized messages? New Mobile SDKs that work directly with the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud enable you to easily integrate predictive analytics and personalization right within your mobile apps. Being able to personalize mobile apps based on website behavior and CRM data: now that’s efficient real-time marketing.

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So Many Systems, So Much to Integrate

Your website can track browsing behavior, your CRM knows your customer relationships and your marketing automation system understands your outgoing communications programs. But what if you can bring all these data points together in one place to better understand and optimize the customer journey? The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud provides new and improved integration to Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Oracle Eloqua, and introduces the ability to integrate data from multiple websites and subdomains, so you can easily capture the entire customer journey.

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Customer Journey Optimization gets Demographic

Do you want to know how well you are selling to customers in Canada? Or how to improve conversion rates for leads with VP and C-level job titles? You can now configure conversion tracking based on any demographic data. Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud enables you to monitor conversions, see predictive analytics and track how your campaigns work specifically for that demographic.


And Much More

Telerik Sitefinity CMS introduces many new features and improvements, including improved usability and scalability within email campaigns, supporting interval-timed batch sending and integration with hosted email services such as SendGrid. The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud introduces the calculation of prediction probability, multisite web tracking, traffic filtering by IP, automated contact merge and more.


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