WAAAY Faster Than Before

Across the board performance, memory and database improvements

  • Up to 4 times faster page, library and dynamic module operations

    Major improvements to the most common operations, make Sitefinity 7.1 a top performer, even in content-heavy projects.

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    performance report

  • Up to 10 times faster in Load Balanced Scenarios through Data Caching

    New L2 Data Caching support for NLB provides blazing speed at scale

Better Governance

Solutions for Business and IT to automate and streamline process and control the entire web presence with ease

System Audit Trail

Full Transparency For Every Action

  • Provide a measure of transparent protection for all your web asset

    System Audit Trail keeps a permanent a detailed log of website activity

    Available with 
    Sitefinity Enterprise Edition

  • Integrate with Elasticsearch and Kibana Servers

    Utilize advanced storing, querying and reporting capabilities for your logs

Recycle Bin

Sometimes an "Undo Delete" can save your day

With the new Recycle Bin functionality, you can keep deleted items and revert unintended actions. Web administrators and content authors can recycle deprecated sections while still retaining the ability to restore them at a future point in time. 

recycle bin

Related Products

Increase online sales through contextual offers

With related ecommerce products you provide your customers with relevant offers wherever they are on your site. The new  functionality works with the entire infrastructure of Sitefinity, including news, blogs, digital assets, products and dynamic content, allowing for easy maintenance of all the relationships between content and products that are critical for digital experiences today. 

related products

XML Sitemap Generation

Ensure timely and relevant search engine rankings

With an up-to-date Sitemap, web administrators can keep search engines informed about site structure changes and pages that may not otherwise get crawled. Sitefinity XML Sitemap Generator automates this process and ensures all the right information is crawled and searchable soon after site updates and that search engines can better match their crawling process to your publishing patterns.

xml sitemap

Better Productivity

Your favorite features now enhanced to allow you to get more done, faster

Duplicate Content 

Get more productive with support for duplicating dynamic content, news, blogs, list items and generic content. 

When working on a website, you develop patterns and structures and similar content often needs to be copied, sometimes multiple times. Now, the Sitefinity platform boosts your productivity by enabling you to duplicate content items and then make whatever changes you need. 

copy content

Support For Multiple Child Content Types

Create Any Content Hierarchy with Module Builder

Now developers can create and manage complex content type hierarchies within a content module and each content type can have multiple child types. In combination with related data functionality, this allows Sitefinity Dynamic Content types to cover the full spectrum of relationship scenarios. 


Custom Thumbnails For Templates

A thumbnail is worth a thousand words

Designers can designate a custom thumbnail for their templates, which streamlines the template selection process during page creation and gives more context to the daily creative decisions you make with your website


Upgrade in One Step

Now you can upgrade your 4.x, 5.x or 6.x projects directly to Sitefinity 7.1.

  • Upgrade only once
  • Get the latest and greatest
  • Enjoy the performance
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