Directly Impact Revenue With Lead Scoring

Align Sales and Marketing around nurturing and converting qualified leads

  • Manage your lead scoring criteria according to various data points collected across channels
  • Control and visualize your lead pipeline with staged lead scoring and reporting
  • Notify sales once a lead passes certain stages in your lead nurturing process
  • Combine Lead Scoring and Persona Profiling in a compelling 360° view of the customer

Complement SharePoint Online

Deliver portals and websites closely connected to your enterprise SharePoint infrastructure

  • Connect with your Office 365 infrastructure through one directional and bi-directional synchronization to SharePoint Online
  • Synchronize image and document libraries, calendars and dynamic lists
  • Provide a natural extension to all your SharePoint workflows and wrap a compelling presentation around your core business documents
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Sitefinity integration with SharePoint

Build fast, and light with new ASP .NET MVC Features

Build great interfaces with a modern, mobile-first MVC framework for Sitefinity

  • MVC based widgets for each of your dynamic modules with automatically generated Razor templates
  • MVC partial views and helpers for convenient display of media content, related data and hierarchical content
  • Reusable AngularJS based content selectors for picking pages, tags and content items
  • Fully documented sample project to help you make the best of Sitefinity development
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Sitefinity Feather

Brand New Documentation

Navigate hundreds of topics in a new and improved documentation portal

  • Contextual task-oriented approach to organizing documentation on any topic
  • Versioning that allows you to easily find the right documentation for the version of your project
  • New architecture, navigation and search to help you explore topics quickly
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Search in Microsoft Azure And Much More

More than 12 of your favorite feature requests, now solved

  • Up to 60% faster application start-up and restart times 
  • Search Provider for Windows Azure
  • Granular permissions per dynamic item
  • Integration with ElasticSearch
  • And More
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