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Sitefinity Developer Certification


Sitefinity Developer Certification is part of the Sitefinity Technical Enablement Program which aims to validate Sitefinity partners’ ability to develop successful Sitefinity projects. While designed with partners in mind, every developer looking to demonstrate their Sitefinity knowledge can take advantage of it. 

You can become a Sitefinity Certified Developer by taking our certification exam. The Sitefinity developer exam is bundled with exam tutorials, all built and maintained in-house, to make it easier for developers to prepare for the exam. Developer certification is currently free and will cost $200 after August 1, 2016.

About the Exam

  • Hosted online and accessed using a browser
  • Available at no cost until 01 August 2016
  • Consists of 75 multiple-choice questions
  • Duration is 2 hours–once started, the exam cannot be paused and continued at a later stage
  • Passing score is 75%

About the Tutorials

  • Delivered online via Progress Education Community
  • Consist of 12 modules of pre-recorded videos and additional enablement resources related to each topic covered in the videos
  • Free with each purchased certification exam

How to Register for the Exam

To sign up for the Sitefinity Developer Certification exam, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the Progress Education Community portal
  2. Select “Self Registration” from the top navigation menu
  3. Review and accept the legal terms
  4. Complete the “New User Registration” form with the below selections:
    • Under "Training Selection", select: "Basic Sitefinity Developer Certification"
    • Under "Payment Method", select: "My No-Cost Basic Sitefinity Developer Certification Code Is Listed Below"
    • In the "Invoice Number or Promotion Code" field, enter: "TBSDC82"
  5. Click “Continue” to send your enrollment request to the Education Team at Progress. Within 24 hours, you will be notified via email that your access to the certification program has been activated.

Suggested Resources

The online tutorials which come with the exam are typically sufficient to prepare students for the exam. However, if you're looking for additional training options, we recommend the following:

Introduction to Sitefinity - Online Course

Anyone new to Sitefinity will benefit from this course available on PluralSight and developed by our partners at Falafel Software. The course will introduce you to the architecture of Sitefinity and bring you up to speed on how to best work with the system. This introductory course is the first in a planned series, with follow up courses diving deep into the programming aspects of Sitefinity.

Introduction to Sitefinity Development - Online Course

All who want to dive deeper into Sitefinity will benefit from this course available on PluralSight and developed by our partners at Falafel Software as part of the planned Sitefinity series. This course will introduce you to development in Sitefinity and will allow you to be productive using Visual Studio for customization to the CMS.

Sitefinity 8 - Training Guide for Developers

Sitefinity Nuts and BoltsIf you want to build Sitefinity widgets or perform custom behaviors programmatically on your Sitefinity websites, this is the guide you need on your e-bookshelf. While not a study guide this book helps developers to better prepare for the Sitefinity Developer Certification exam.

A detailed outline is available on the publisher's website.

Purchase from Publisher

Developer Training Classes

You can choose from online, classroom, and on-site training classes that will provide you with in-depth technical knowledge and skills to develop complex websites and web applications on the Sitefinity platform. There is also an on-demand video class with more than 14+ hours of video tutorials, if you prefer learning at your own pace.

See available classes

About the Certification

The Sitefinity Developer Certification exam is created by and offered only through Telerik. 

A special “Certified Sitefinity Developer” badge and a personal Certificate of Honor will be issued to all who pass. Certificates are valid for 2 years, but can be renewed by retaking the exam, which would require re-purchasing. 

Have a question? Contact training@sitefinity.com for a friendly advice.


Exam Retake Policy

In the event that you fail to pass the Sitefinity Developer Certification Exam, you shall be required to wait for a period of at least fourteen (14) calendar days before your next attempt. The 14-day waiting period will be imposed for all exam retakes (first and subsequent). In addition, all exam retakes require re-purchasing of the Sitefinity Developer Certification Exam.