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    Website Personalization: Seven Tips to Avoid a Static Online Presence

    Eric Odell

    Too many businesses still measure online success by the amount of traffic they drive to their website. They devote substantial budgets to improving search engine rankings and exposing their site to new visitors. But each visitor and customer is unique. Therefore, your web strategy should be as unique as they are. Today, your website visitors have higher expectations for their user experience. They expect personalized content relevant to their interests to help move them along their purchase decision. This white paper takes a close look at personalization, how it works, and the tools you need to tailor and deliver personalized content to your website visitors.  

  • Three Steps to a Better Mobile Strategy

    Gabe Sumner
    Mobile device proliferation continues at a break-neck pace, far outpacing the ability of content providers to keep up. There’s no doubt that the mobile storm is coming, with 2014 pegged as the year when mobile web access tops that from desktops. Whether you are just starting to address mobile, or reevaluating your current mobile strategy, this whitepaper presents three steps to jumpstart your mobile strategy and help you find the one that’s right for you.
  • Maximizing SharePoint Assets via Effective Web Content Management

    Gabe Sumner

    SharePoint is a great tool used by thousands of organizations to collaborate, store data, and keep dispersed workforces working in sync. Because organizations rely on SharePoint for some things, it creates an incentive to use SharePoint for ALL things, including web content management (WCM). While SharePoint is a fantastic product, it wasn't designed for complex web content management tasks. This whitepaper will review the challenges of using SharePoint as WCM and explore how customers are better served by Sitefinity Connector for SharePoint when leveraging their SharePoint assets for public-facing websites and mobile apps.

  • Sitefinity Security and Best Practices

    Many large organizations rely on Sitefinity for delivering their web presence - from government agencies, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies to various businesses all over the world. Security is one of the aspects that no organization can compromise with. This whitepaper reviews the most common threats that organizations face today, what Sitefinity is doing to prevent them, and what extra steps are available in order to make your environment more secure.
  • CMS & Ecommerce in One Application

    Steve Miller
    For organizations that are managing online stores and web content there are numerous benefits of integrating Content Management Systems and Ecommerce into a single application. Read this whitepaper to see how combining these components provides a better experience for the user, while simultaneously creating new business value. 
  • Discover the Most Effective Version of Your Website with A/B and Multivariate Testing

    Gabe Sumner
    Very often marketers and content authors do not know which page variation or combination of page elements is most appealing to the end user and brings the most conversions. In our latest whitepaper, Gabe Sumner explores A/B and Multivariate Testing as methods to discover the most effective version of your page. The whitepaper discusses in detail the two different types of experiments, and helps you choose the one which is more suitable for your website and will help you reach your goals.
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