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Comments about news module

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  1. UI Crew
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    151 posts
    27 Sep 2012
    20 Dec 2006
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    Been fiddling about with new - it is great  and one thing I came across while mucking around with news is that becuase there is no user controls (not that I can see) for the new elemts (eg. new list, single news item) you can't quite tailor them a whole lot for example:

    the news list renders like this:

    • Title
      More (link)
    You can do a bit of customisation using the styles that you have implemented and you can stop showing the More link etc but what if you want to change the layout. We tend to use:

    Date: Title

    I guess that is just a limitation of doing things that way that you don't have absolute control over the output although it is easier to implement on the site?

    It's not a big one but just thought I would raise it. I do love the news module it has all the functionality our client require.

    I noticed a could of bugs too:

    • When you create a new item and then go an edit it the edit form comes up with no data in the fields.
    • You can't set a date as it automatically creates a date for you. A lot of clients have media releases and they put them on the web a couple of days after they release to the public (bad practice i Know) and then you can't set the actual "real" date of the release when it eventually goes on the site.


  2. Bob
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    30 Dec 2016
    20 Dec 2006
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    Hi Seth,

    You will have full control over the output of all public and most of the administrative controls. This will be done through control templates and adapters.

    Sincerely yours,
    the telerik team
  3. TexKen
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    03 Mar 2006
    21 Dec 2006
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    Are you guys saying that the News and other modules will not have the .ascx file with the Html and Server tags?  I think thats very much a necessity. 

    I can see the advantage in being able to just upload the DLLs for modules once everything is compiled, but you should be able to edit the .ascx and Html code while in development.  i'm hoping you don't expect the developers to create or modify the layout of modules thru code behind.  That gets ugly very quickly.

  4. Vassil Daskalov
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    18 May 2013
    21 Dec 2006
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    Hello Ken,

    News and other modules will not be editable only through code behind as this approach is not very flexible. They will have .ascx files with html and server tags for every public control, so you will be able to edit the html output pretty easily. This .ascx templates will not be ready for this release but probably for the next one.

    Hope this clarifies the situation.

    Vassil Daskalov
    the telerik team
  5. fregas baratis
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    185 posts
    14 Nov 2002
    21 Dec 2006
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