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  1. Daniel Plomp
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    952 posts
    18 Feb 2004
    08 Mar 2007
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    Hello telerik,

    I've tested the RC1(2) and I must say that it is yet another fine product from Telerik... that is for sure.

    The only thing I find difficult is when you want a complete new style for your site. I like the TUI template, but I you want a website that has is own style you will have to create all stylesheets etc. yourself. Also, if you want the r.a.d.controls to be fit in your style, you will have to edit them. Would be nice if could say for e.g. a, don't use a theme, but use the page style, otherwise the control would never fit in perfectly like the TUI site.

    Well, this is just a thought. For all webdevelopers who don't have Photoshop (or else) qualities/capabilities, it is hard to create such a smooth site...

    What do others think? Am I the only one finding this a problem?

  2. Paul Berger
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    61 posts
    03 Apr 2006
    09 Mar 2007
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    I think you will find that if you set the theme on the template it will apply to every page. That give you almost ful control, RADControls design, CSS colors. So setup a theme with the control skin you want and that will solve your problem.

    It work perfect for me. Using master pages, templates and theme's. I use the master page to define the structure, theme's to define colors/design etc and templates to apply the theme's in design time.
  3. UI Crew
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    99 posts
    24 Sep 2012
    12 Mar 2007
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    Hey Daniel,

    My designers would argue with you that developers should never be doing design! :-)

    But seriously we are loving the new version and finding that themes are actually helping us to more rapidly develop the site out.

    The skins for the r.a.d. tools such as menu are really easy to work with and customise and it is so cool to be able to separate design from the actual functionaltiy and sitefinity does this well.

    In fact it does it so well that I have been testing it out with a client who is also a friend...

    I have done the basic html code and master page from the wireframes of the site, I am continuing to develop functionality but because I have completed the base maste page my client is already entering content in Sitefinity and creating pages and the designer is finishing off the design based on the wireframes then he'll do the themeing and we'll put it all together. Haven't been able to do this before.

    So there you go.
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3 posts, 0 answered