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Workflow Features in v3.0

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  1. Kevin Pipher
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    30 Nov 2005
    06 Dec 2006
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    I've been testing v3.0a, b, and finally b2, and I'm very happy with it. I think it's a great leap from v2.7. So first off let me say great job on the new version and I can't wait to see the official release.

    What I would like to comment on though, is the workflow. In my opinion, the workflow functionality in 3.0 is still lacking in some ways. By default, the "return for rework" functionality is gone, leaving the approver to either accept or reject. There is also no automated email functionality, which I think is key to making the workflow process work efficiently.

    I have several v2.7 clients, and they are all very pleased with the relative ease of use of the CMS, however they seem to always have issues with the workflow process.

    The 2 major features they always see as missing are:
    1. The ability to return the page to the author for rework including  the ability to include comments.
    2. The ability to generate automated emails based on workflow and roles, such that external communication (manual emails, phone calls, etc.) is not required.
    • Is there any plan to include such features in 3.0? (best case), or;
    • Will it be possible with the exposed v3.0 API, for us to custom develop this type of functionality?
    I love Sitefinity and I feel with more feature-rich workflow, it would be a perfect tool.


  2. Rebecca
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    24 Sep 2012
    07 Dec 2006
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    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you very much for your continuous interest in our CMS and sharing your thoughts with us.

    First, let us remind that workflow will be fully customizable in the upcoming release. This means that you'll be able to create custom workflow states in the Visual Studio environment. Note that in the current version, when the approver rejects some page modifications, the page is actually returned for rework.

    However, the ability to return the page to the author with the approver's comments is not available yet, but based on customer requests, we have added it in our ToDo list and it will be implemented, together with the automated emails functionality in some of the upcoming minor versions of Sitefinity. At this point we cannot commit to a strict timeframe but we feel mid 2007 is a reasonable deadline. In the meantime, using the exposed API, you can implement similar functionality for your users.

    We are glad that you like the direction into which Sitefinity is moving. Let us know if you have other ideas about improving it. We will be glad to discuss them with you.

    the telerik team
2 posts, 0 answered