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In-line page editing overrides Workflow

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  1. Michael H.
    Michael H. avatar
    16 posts
    10 Nov 2007
    06 Apr 2011
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    Issue: In-line page editing overrides Workflow

    Version: Sitefinity_4.0.1210.0

    Tested Browsers:
    Chrome 10.0.612.3
    Firefox 3.6.13

    1. Login as administrator
    2. Administration -> Workflow -> "Define a workflow"
       - Approval before publishing
         - Continue
       - Name: Global
       - Scope: All content and pages
       - Save workflow
    3. Create Page "testpage"
      - Add Content Block widget and content "test"
      - Select Publish
    4. Create user "testuser"
    5. Create Role: "TestRole" assign Permission "Use in-line editing"
    6. Assign "testuser" to Roles: "Editors", "BackendUsers" & "TestRole".
      * Reset Application Pool since 'in-line editing' does not seem to always show up right away.
    7. Login as "testuser"
    8. Through the Sitefinity backend modify Pages -> "testpage"
      - Update Content Block: "test" to "abc"
      - Save as Draft
      - Send for Approval
    9. Login with administrator account and publish "testpage":
    10. Login as "testuser"
    11. Dashbaord -> "Edit content directly browsing the site"
    12. Navigate to "testpage" (url)
    13. Tools (side menu) -> Show Editing Tools
    14. Select Edit on "abc" Content Block
    15. Change content to "xyz"
      - Select Save
    16. Wait a few seconds and refresh the page, notice the Content Block now says "xyz".

    Content was saved without Workflow approval.
  2. Sonya
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    205 posts
    09 Dec 2016
    06 Apr 2011
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    Hello Michael H.,

    Thank you for reporting this issue.The issue is logged in our system with ID=112814 and forwarded for fixing. 
    You can monitor the status of the bugs in our issue tracking system PITS. The issue ID is 5411.

    I updated your Telerik points.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

2 posts, 0 answered