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Issue displaying Custom Module

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  1. Bob
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    14 Dec 2010
    23 May 2012
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    I created a Custom Module using Module Builder in 5.0 sp1.  I added some custom classifications (Manufacturer, Style, etc).

    I created a page with a couple Classification Widgets and configured them to use the custom classifications I had set up.  I put a content widget for my custom Module on the page and set paging at 10 items per page.

    Paging works fine as long as I am not filtering, and shows the correct number of links for filtered content.  Unfortunately, on filtered content the pager for page 2 links to /Widgets/page/2 (showing page 2 of all of my widgets) rather than /Widgets/-in-Manufacturers/manufacturers/abc/page/2 (showing page 2 of Widgets with abc as the manufactureer),  Did I do something wrong, or is there a workaround for this?

    Also, filtering on custom classifications will generate a Page not Found error if you have not previously filtered on standard classifications.  I was able to "solve" this by setting the navigation to go to /Widgets/-in-Tags/Tags/new rather than just Widgets.  By using a standard Tag filter at the beginning, my custom classifications work until the app recycles.

    Thank you for your assistance.
1 posts, 0 answered