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Site does not run/browse properly nor upgrade properly using Program Manager

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  1. David
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    06 Sep 2012
    13 Jan 2012
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    I created the site on a difference computer that had version 4.3 installed. This computer just has 4.4. I added the site to Program Manager. When I browse the site from Program Manager most of the images and styles are missing. The problem is the URL looks like this:


    When I browse from Visual Studio the URL looks like:

    http://localhost:75256  (notice the port is also different)

    When I attempt to upgrade from 4.3 to 4.4 using Project Manager none of the configuration files are being updated. Could this problem be related? I'm wondering if Project Manager is not able to get the correct path to my configuration files.
  2. Markus
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    25 Nov 2005
    17 Jan 2012
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    Once you upgrade using the ProjectManager only files get updated, the database stays the same. The first time you access the site then the DB gets updated as well. 
    (as far as I know)

    If you open your App_Data/Sitefinity/Configuration/SystemConfig.config file what versions do you see?


    I just looked at one of my sites and noticed, that Catalog, Order, Shipping stayed at 1650. I assume that ok since I am using an SE without E-commerce. 
    <add version="4.4.2117.0" name="News" />
    <add version="4.4.2117.0" name="Blogs" />
    <add version="4.4.2117.0" name="Events" />
    <add version="4.4.2117.0" name="Libraries" />
    <add version="4.4.2117.0" name="Forms" />
    <add version="4.4.2117.0" name="Lists" />
    <add version="4.4.2117.0" name="Analytics" />
    <add version="4.4.2117.0" name="Publishing" />
    <add version="4.4.2117.0" name="Scheduling" />
    <add version="4.4.2117.0" name="Newsletters" />
    <add version="4.4.2117.0" name="GenericContent" />
    <add version="4.4.2117.0" name="ControlTemplates" />
    <add version="4.4.2117.0" name="Migration" />
    <add version="4.2.1650.0" name="Catalog" />
    <add version="4.2.1650.0" name="Orders" />
    <add version="4.2.1650.0" name="Shipping" />
    <add version="4.4.2117.0" name="ModuleBuilder" />
    <add version="4.4.2117.0" name="DynamicModule" />

  3. Boyan Barnev
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    30 Oct 2017
    18 Jan 2012
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    Markus  you are absolutely correct, thanks for sharing your knowledge with other community members. The config files will be updated once the application's been starded and all the modules ahve been initialized with the new version, and the database has been updated. It is normal for the eCommerce config files to remain at 1650 - the version when the module was intialized for the first time, but since you do not use it (do not have the licese for it) it will remain at that version since it's not being installed anymore.

    David - have you started the project after upgrading it, because as we mentioned earlier, that's when the actual upgrade occurs, and please let us know if the SystemConfig.config still contains the old versions of the modules even after the upgrade and starting the application for the first time. Concerning the port difference, it's normal for them to run on different ports, as Visual Studio and Sitefinity project manager use their own integrated webservers.

    Kind regards,
    Boyan Barnev
    the Telerik team
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