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Sitefinity 8.2 doesn't work with ElasticSearch

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  1. marco
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    06 Aug 2014
    27 Jan 2016
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    I've encountered 2 issues when using ElasticSearch with Sitefinity 8.2.


    Created an index of sitefinity products using elasticsearch -v2.1.1.

    1.  When ever you update a product in sitefinity, the index creates a duplicate of the same document, almost like a history of the previous state.

    2. Sitefinity Search using the index created by ElasticSearch doesn't work. It can't find any of the values in the index.

    It would be great if ElasticSearch can work the same way the Lucene search works. No duplicates and works with sitefinity search.

  2. Divya
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    26 May 2016
    08 Jul 2016
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    I understand this post is quite old.  Sitefinity 8.2 do not support elastic search v 2.0 and above. The latest which you can use is v1.7.




    Divya Singhal


2 posts, 0 answered