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CreateHostViewCommand works incorrect(Sitefinity version 3.7)

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  1. Alex R.
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    09 Jul 2009
    12 Mar 2011
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    I tried to find article how to pass multiple parameters to the URL. But  didn't find.
    I use method CreateHostViewCommand to redirect from my browse view to the edit view. But function CreateHostViewCommand  hasn't possibility to add multiple parameters. It only adds one parameter to the URL. Parameter name: "Param".

    Could you help me and explain how can I pass multiple parameters to the URL and use for that CreateHostViewCommand method?

    The second problem I see is in CreateHostViewCommand. It builds incorrect LINK.
    I have the EDIT ENTITY VIEW which is opened by this URL where extended parameter is presented.

    The "ceId" is my additional parameter.

    When I call method to generate back to browse view link

    CreateHostViewCommand("TestListView", null, null)
    it returns me the link with parameter "ceId" and it value.


    Why method CreateHostViewCommand gets "ceId" parameter from the current URl add it to the generated link?
    I thought the method should generates link like that:
     Look forward to hearing you.
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