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Pass a Form Widget Property Value to a Control Designer

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  1. Pavliks
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    06 Apr 2010
    03 Jul 2013
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    I'm very familiar with how Widgets and their designers work within Sitefinity but I came across a scenario that I'm having a very hard time with, let me frame it for you.

    I have two form widgets on a form in the form module designer. Widget 1 has a property "device" which is used in widget 1 for other purposes. Widget 2 has some designer properties that are dynamic based on the type of "device" selected in design time from widget 1. Ideally I do not want the user to have to select the "device" for both widget 1 and widget 2 so I on initializecontrols from widget 2 I iterate through the form controls and get the device property from widget 1.

    My problem is I cannot pass this value to my widget 2 designer because, I'm guessing, the designer is already constructed and initialized when I click the widget "edit" button with the saved property values from widget 2.

    How can I pass a dynamic design-time property to my widget designer. Hope this makes sense.

1 posts, 0 answered