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Editing user profiles from the front-end

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  1. Chris
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    13 Jul 2011
    12 Sep 2011
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    I'm new to developing with Sitefinity, and I'm just about to wrap-up a project but I'm absolutely stuck right now regarding editing user profiles from the front end. I have changed my web.config and I'm able to edit users' profiles if I'm a cmsAdmin, but I need non-admins to be able to edit their profiles within the site. I've looked and looked through the forums and it seems like others have had the issue as well. The snippets of code in the postings, however, have been of no use to me as I can't get them to work no matter what I try. Also, the stock "Manage Profile" control doesn't even pull the First or Last name of the user -- so what good is this?

    Here are the fields I've added to my web.config:

      <add name="FirstName" />
        <add name="LastName" />
        <add name="Position" />
    <add name="Email" />
    <add name="Company" />
           <add name="Title" />
            <add name="Address" />
             <add name="City" />
              <add name="State" />
               <add name="ZIP" />
                <add name="Country" />
                 <add name="Recruitment" type="System.Boolean"/>
                  <add name="Expertise" type="System.Boolean"/>
                   <add name="HostEvent" type="System.Boolean"/>
                    <add name="JoinTaskForce" type="System.Boolean"/>
                     <add name="Mentoring" type="System.Boolean"/>
                      <add name="NewVentures" type="System.Boolean"/>
                       <add name="Speaker" type="System.Boolean"/>
                        <add name="Reconnect" type="System.Boolean"/>
                         <add name="SponsorEvent" type="System.Boolean"/>

    Tags with the "System.Boolean" type are generally CheckBoxes. These are working ok from the CMS Admin/My Profile screen. 

    How should I proceed from here if I want users to be able to edit these fields from within a page in the site?
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