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Interesting onClick problem in RadEditor within Generic Content editing

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  1. Connections Academy Developer
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    04 May 2005
    11 Mar 2009
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    So, I've extended the Hyperlink editing capabilities so users can make their links open in pop-over windows (using RadWindow).  It is working very well.

    I am having one problem in IE however.   The HTML that my custom hyperlinks generate look something like this:

    <p><a href="/MattTest/RegistrationTest2.aspx" onclick="openRadWindow(this.href, 'Popover Modal',500,700,true); return false;" target="_blank" sfref="~/MattTest/RegistrationTest2.aspx">Popover Modal</a></p

    I have a function I wrote called openRadWindow() which does a bunch of sizing and all before calling the standard RadWindow client side open functions.  Now, the problem is when a user is editing the content in the RadEditor, if they just click on the text of one of the links (in the Design view), they get a Javascript error because it is actually trying to execute the onclick event.  

    I had hoped that the AllowScripts tag would help me here, but that just prevents <script> tags from being entered into the HTML view.

    I thought I would just put a dummy javascript function on the GenericContentDesigner.ascx page and have it return false - but that actually doesn't work.   I could of course, have it call top.openRadWindow() and it would call the function in the top main frame - but I don't want it to actually open the window; and I have no way of knowing that the call came from someone who is editing.

    The more I thought about this, the more I was suprised that in design view, any javascript events at all are handled?  I would think it should ignore all of those things.  Imagine editing something that had a bunch of links that had onfocus and onblur events - you wouldn't want those events to take place when in design view (but perhaps you would in preview view).
  2. Pepi
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    17 Mar 2009
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    It seems, the problem is caused by the fact that a function (object) with the name openRadWindow cannot be found. So, a possible solution is to check if the javascript function is defined on the page.

    <p><a href="/Sitefinity3.5SP1/MattTest/RegistrationTest2.aspx" onclick="if(typeof(openRadWindow) != 'undefined'){openRadWindow(this.href, 'Popover Modal',500,700,true); return false;}" target="_blank" sfref="~/MattTest/RegistrationTest2.aspx">Popover Modal</a></p

    Do let us know if this helps.

    Sincerely yours,
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered