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Workflow Declined Approval

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  1. Mike
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    19 Aug 2008
    02 Dec 2008
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    Just a quick question. I am playing to the workflow of SiteFinity. I am trying to figure out what happens when a modification is set for approval and is Declined.

    I am testing this for different roles i have setup.. (Editor, approver, etc)... So i declined approving a change and now each time i go to the page (on any role/user) it says "This page has been Declined.", The live site displays the page before the change obviously...

    Question is.... Now what? The change has been declined how do i get the page within the admin pages to revert back to the live page? Is it going to remain like this until the page is modified again and is approved?

    Additionally how do i archive pages and can i archive a disapproved page?

    Just a little confused about the disapproval process...

  2. Vlad
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    19 Jun 2017
    05 Dec 2008
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    Hello Duncan,

    Sorry for the confusion and thank you for the feedback about the workflow.

    When the Sitefinity workflow was implemented, we thought that this is the right behavior:
    • The "declined" page it is nor rolled back to its previous version, because the changes will be lost forever. Very often "Decline" means "The page is still not enough good to be published, please also make the following changes to it ...". So, it remains like this until the next editing. We know that there is no way to post a comment along with declining the page, but is is considered for a future implementation. However, if you really want to revert the changes to the live version, you have an option to Rollback from the History tab.

    Thanks again for your notes. As we plan to migrate our workflow engine to Windows Workflow Foundation any comments about this process are welcome for us. We wants to make it as flexible as possible.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered