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404 Not Found on certain content items

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  1. Eric
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    23 Mar 2012
    23 Jan 2014
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    Let me first explain how our sitefinity sites works, and then I will describe the odd issue.

    In our sitefinity back end we have images with custom fields that describe how a page should look when a user visits our site.  It loads different header images, background colors, borders etc... based upon the URL that is navigated to.   In the custom fields we have a field called ClientURL.  As an example (ClientURL = Idaho-humane-society or woods-humane-society).  When a user visits the site they come to  A master page loads and code fires that parses the whole url and looks for the ClientURL field portion.  It then searches he sitefinity image library to find the image record that contains the ClientURL in order to get the other custom fields data to build the page. 

    it has been working well for a couple of years, but then we started adding more images for new customers they all fail with a 404 Not Found.  Sitefinity doesn't even get to a point where it fires our first line of code in the Master Page which is hooked into the default.aspx page.  So, normally I can put a break point on the first line of code that reads the custom ClientURL, but with the new images it never even gets that far and throws 404 not found.

    I know the images are in the database and all the custom data is saved to them.   Wouldn't my code at least fire first?  Is there some other mechanism in sitefinity that would fire before my code does?

    In doing some research looking at the trace files a URL that succeeds has the following difference than the one that fails

    Idaho-humane-society: succeeds with the following events

    108. AspNetMapHandlerEnter 05:12:35.457

    109. HANDLER_CHANGED OldHandlerName="ExtensionlessUrl-Integrated-4.0", NewHandlerName="ASP.sfpageservice_966c76b3_a02f_43ef_8b62_dd103c39bbd5_12_basic_aspx", NewHandlerModules="ManagedPipelineHandler", NewHandlerScriptProcessor="", NewHandlerType="ASP.sfpageservice_966c76b3_a02f_43ef_8b62_dd103c39bbd5_12_basic_aspx, App_Web_966c76b3-a02f-43ef-8b62-dd103c39bbd5_12_basic.aspx.d63928b6.c7fqekcz, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" 05:11:56.956

     110. AspNetMapHandlerLeave 05:11:56.956


    woods-humane-society: fails with 404 not found

    108. AspNetMapHandlerEnter 05:12:35.457

    109. AspNetMapHandlerLeave 05:12:35.457


    Notice no Handler Changed event in the last one, but what does that mean is going on???


  2. Kaloyan
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    06 Feb 2017
    29 Jan 2014
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    Hi Eric,

    It seems that the problem which you experiencing is caused by your custom code and because of this it is a bit difficult to suggest what might cause this issue. If you share your error logs located in ~\App_Data\Sitefinity\Logs folder of your project I will inspect them and I believe that they can provide some additional information about this problem.

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2 posts, 0 answered