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Adding script block to RadScriptManager

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  1. higgsy
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    05 Aug 2010
    07 Mar 2011
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    I had a jquery script which was failing because SF redefines jQuery in its included code. I don't want to try and remove the scripts that SF includes, but rather I'd like to know how to register an on-page script block with the RadScriptManager.

    The only reason it is currently on-page rather than in an external file is because I have to get some of the Client ID's using c#, therefore I am currently using the StringBuilder to build my JS, then adding it to the page using page.RegisterClientScriptBlock. The problem is that this is registered after the external file which I do load using the RadScriptManager.

    How would I get round this?

  2. Lyubomir Dokov
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    06 Jun 2017
    10 Mar 2011
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    Hi higgsy,

    You could subscribe to the onload event of the page and do your work with jQuery there. As far as I know this is the only way.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best,
    Lyubomir Dokov
    the Telerik team
2 posts, 0 answered