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Fancy Box background issues

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  1. Robert
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    21 Feb 2011
    16 May 2012
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    I have a number of issues with the Fancy Box control found at:

    maybe Steve is around to offer some advice?

    issue:  can't change the bg color of the overlay.  it's being overwritten by some inline element i am not sure how to access.

    issue: overlay only displays the height of the page visible in the browser at the time of the click event.  if you have a super long page, and you click to open the overlay, the bg overlay stays positioned at the top, and is only as high as the browser height at the time of the click. stretching the browser to be longer shows no overlay (see screen shot 1)

    issue:  links in the content area used as the "click area" for the fancy box pop up do not work.  (see screenshot 2) obviously the "on click event" is set to open the pop up content and is overriding the links.  I was not sure if there was a way around this though, and i have already tried wrapping the links in a class with a z-index of 9999.  didn't work.  is there anyway to get links inside of that content box to work (even though it seems counter intuitive to do so)?
  2. Steve
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    03 Dec 2008
    16 May 2012
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    Hmmm, hit me up on my site, and I'll respond directly

    In regards to the color,
       background-color: red !important;
    The important should do the trick....

    Also the links in the opener element would be see it wraps the "opener" element IN an anchor to trigger the popup :)  I'm unsure how you could get around that...

    Is this live anywhere to look at (re:screenshot1)
2 posts, 1 answered