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Is the Breadcrumb in 4.2?

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  1. Anthony
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    29 Sep 2008
    11 Aug 2011
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    Was wondering if the Breadcrumb Control is included in 4.2.  I believe it was supposed to be on the roadmap but did not see it in the release post.

  2. Antoaneta
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    02 Nov 2015
    12 Aug 2011
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    Hello Anthony,

    Thank  you for using our services.
    Unfortunately, Breadcrumb widget is not included in this release. It is tentatively planned for the next major release.

    In the meantime I would reccomend you to read this tread in our UX forum
    where the wireframes for Breadcrumb widget are posted. There you can share your feedback and comments which will be highly appreciated.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team
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  3. UI Crew
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    24 Sep 2012
    12 Aug 2011
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    Can I just say that sometimes I struggle to understand the development logic for Sitefinity 4 when something as seemingly simple and commonly used in website design as a breadcrumb doesn't make it into the third major release of a CMS.

    Furthermore breadcrumb was in 3.7 so why spend time on creating a migration tool when you can't even migrate a clients site without having to say to your client "sorry, in the new version a breadcrumb hasn't been built yet so you can't have it when we "upgrade" you!". Clients say "well how can that be an upgrade" and then we have to convince them to pay to upgrade and remove functionality.

    A breadcrumb is simple UX element that is used all the time so why delay it but yet deliver new modules like ecommerce or email campaigns?

    For all the great things about Sitefinity 4 it seems to me that really important but SIMPLE features that were in the previous version of Sitefinity and SHOULD be the new version are missing, yet time is being spent on delivering more complex features that we can't sell because Sitefinity can't do very simple functions or there is bugs in simple functions like:

    No breadcrumbs
    No external page support
    Still no bugless support for nested masterpages so we have had to revert to using user controls again for share functions
    Still no support for shared content in templates

    Is anyone out there at Telerik listening to us long time and experienced Sitefinity developers who have been working with the product from version 2 days?

    Thanks, Seth
  4. Peter Graasbøl
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    30 Jul 2009
    15 Aug 2011
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    We totally agree! 
    Some of the basic functions of an SMS sytem does not exist. For the same reason we do not want to upgrade the old 3.7 clients. We dare not to try an update! We have already spent considerable amounts of time in this Sitefinity Beta x project. Do not understand Sitefinitys planning. Still a slow and buggy CMS. Ok now with shopping cart, as none have been particularly interested in at this time. Who will try the shopping cart, running on top of a shaky CMS ...?
    But the marketing department running well-oiled...
    It's just not good enough. We expect something more of a CMS system!

4 posts, 0 answered