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Meta Tags Issue in Sitefinity 5

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  1. Jessica
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    19 Apr 2012
    19 Apr 2012
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    I have upgraded my CMS to sitefinity 5 but having issue with meta tags.

    Pipe ( | ), &, -, are not accepting in meta title. Is there any modification i require to do?
  2. SelAromDotNet
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    18 Jul 2012
    24 Apr 2012
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    by default, the SEO Title field has a regular expression validator that prohibits these and other characters from the title.

    You can modify (or remove) this regex validation by going to Administration -> Settings -> Advanced

    From there expand to ContentView > Controls > FrontendPages

    You need to update this setting in both FrontendPagesCreate and FrontendPagesEdit (so that you can change existing page titles if you wish as well)

    These sections are the definitions for all the fields, controls, dialogs etc for the Create/Edit screens for pages.

    Navigate to Sections > SeoSection > Fields > SeoTitle > Validation

    Here under RegularExpression is the regex string used to validate input. If you know regex you can modify or create your own screen to limit characters, or simply delete the string entirely to allow any character.

    Be sure you're in the Validation node, and not the SeoTitle node. The SeoTitle node has its own Regex property, but this is used to fitler out these controls, which is why it replaces such characters with a dash - character.

    Here is a video that might help on my Sitefinity Guru blog

    Hope this is helpful!
2 posts, 0 answered