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Navigation - Highlight top-level when sub-page selected

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  1. Kevin
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    30 Sep 2010
    09 Feb 2011
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    I have a navigation widget, which I added to my template through the Sitefinity backend. (The template is based on a custom masterpage.)

    For type of navigation I chose "Horizontal with drop down menus," and then set it to display top level pages, with links to sub-pages in the drop downs.

    When I choose a sub-page I would like for the top-level link to appear highlighted, like the functionality here:

    I tried to do it with CSS, but, as you can see in the output below, only the lower node is tagged with the "rmSelected" class, and I don't know of a CSS selector that would let me select the parent node.

    01.<div id="ctl00_navtop_T20202CB7000_ctl00_siteMapControl" class="RadMenu RadMenu_AchcNav1">
    02.            <!-- 2010.3.1109.40 -->
    03.            <ul class="rmRootGroup rmHorizontal">
    04.                <li class="rmItem rmFirst">
    05.                    <a href="../accreditation-101" class="rmLink rmRootLink"><span class="rmText">Accreditation 101</span></a>
    06.                </li>
    07.                <li class="rmItem ">
    08.                    <a href="../programs" class="rmLink rmRootLink"><span class="rmText">Programs</span></a>
    09.                    <div class="rmSlide">
    10.                        <ul class="rmVertical rmGroup rmLevel1">
    11.                            <li class="rmItem rmFirst">
    12.                                <a href="home-health" class="rmLink"><span class="rmText">Home Health</span></a>
    13.                            </li>
    14.                            <li class="rmItem ">
    15.                                <a href="hospice" class="rmLink rmSelected"><span class="rmText">Hospice</span></a>
    16.                            </li>
    17.                            <li class="rmItem ">
    18.                                <a href="dmepos" class="rmLink"><span class="rmText">DMEPOS</span></a>
    19.                            </li>
    20.                            <li class="rmItem rmLast">
    21.                                <a href="sleep-lab" class="rmLink"><span class="rmText">Sleep Lab</span></a>
    22.                            </li>
    23.                        </ul>
    24.                    </div>
    25.                </li>
    26.                <li class="rmItem ">
    27.                    <a href="../about-achc" class="rmLink rmRootLink"><span class="rmText">About ACHC</span></a>
    28.                </li>
    29.                <li class="rmItem ">
    30.                    <a href="../news" class="rmLink rmRootLink"><span class="rmText">News</span></a>
    31.                </li>
    32.            </ul>
    33.            <input id="ctl00_navtop_T20202CB7000_ctl00_siteMapControl_ClientState" name="ctl00_navtop_T20202CB7000_ctl00_siteMapControl_ClientState" type="hidden" />
    34.        </div>

    Is there a way to get the navigation widget to also tag the ancestor nodes with the rmSelected class?
  2. Ivan Dimitrov
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    12 Sep 2017
    09 Feb 2011
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    Hi Kevin,

    You need a custom control to do this. Please check this post.

    All the best,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
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2 posts, 0 answered