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Navigation Widget with tree Issue.

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  1. Sairam
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    02 May 2013
    07 Jul 2016
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    Hello   Sitefinty Team,

     I am Take Navigation Widget with  Tree view and Custom Pages Navigation..every thing fine in Home Page...I have requirement like  parent-->Child Page--> Sub Child Page --> I am  prevent the  Navigation other than Sub Child Page ...When he/she click on Sub Page  ,i  allowed to navigate to That Sub Child Page  ,After That When i try  To Open The Same Tab or Click 


    1)  Service ||_    (Parent)

             It Service||_ ( Child)

                 App Dev Maintenance Page   ( sub Child Page)


    When I navigate   App Dev Maintenance Page .....I  lost Inside  Service Links ( Li are ) missing  why ? I want  All Page link , Which are available at the Time of Home Page Load .




    Thanks &  Regards,

      Sairam Pamidi 



1 posts, 0 answered