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  1. Jason
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    18 posts
    23 Jun 2006
    01 May 2008
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    I actually went a different way with my client. We wound up using AbleCommerce 7.0 which fit the bill with enough CMS capabilities to get the job done.

  2. Ivan
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    478 posts
    16 Jun 2015
    02 May 2008
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    Hello Jason,

    we are fully aware that many of our clients are in great demand for the e-commerce module in Sitefinity. While we do not have immediate plans for implementing such module, we know that some of our bigger clients and partners are working on this solution. So we are going to try to compile a list of products/solution providers that have implemented e-commerce with Sitefinity and try to make that publicly available. I think we would all benefit from it.

    Thank you all for providing the community with valuable ideas and suggestions.

    Sincerely yours,

    the Telerik team

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  3. Adam
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    2 posts
    23 Sep 2007
    08 May 2008
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    Hi everyone,

    Any news on ecommerce solutions. I saw numerous threads for 3 open-source efforts at a solution: "cartfinity","commercefinity" and some integration of dashcommerce. Has any of these solutions been applied recently? I would love to know, because I cannot seem to find any plug-in solutions for ecommerce, only stand-alone websites with their own limited CMS's.

  4. Jason M
    Jason M avatar
    108 posts
    15 Jan 2007
    08 May 2008
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    Hello Adam,

    We use Moneris to handle our eCommerce transactions.  I've included a link to their documentation with sample .NET code.

  5. Angel
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    32 posts
    04 Feb 2008
    24 Jul 2008
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    I went through the tread and there was only one reply mentioning MS eCommerce Server 2007 and the reply is from 2007. My question is if by now someone has developed something with Sitefinity and MSCS 2007 together? And how it worked out?

  6. nogatek
    nogatek avatar
    35 posts
    23 Apr 2008
    26 Aug 2008
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    Hi Adam,

    My name is Mark and I'm a freelance developer working in Melbourne.

    I am desperately looking for a shopping cart solution to drop into a SiteFinity 3.2 site. I'm trying ablecommerce at present, but its not looking great.

    I have developed a site using dashcommerce before (see Is this what you used for the sites you list here?

    I'd be very grateful if you had some advice / could share your experiences!

    Cheers, Mark
  7. UI Crew
    UI Crew avatar
    99 posts
    24 Sep 2012
    26 Aug 2008
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    Hi Adam,

    I actually used the Commerce Starter Kit before it became dash... which is better cause it was all open source at that stage.

    It doesn't "drop" in however.

  8. Richard
    Richard avatar
    1 posts
    30 Sep 2008
    24 Sep 2009
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  9. tdekoekkoek
    tdekoekkoek avatar
    13 posts
    09 Nov 2006
    25 Sep 2009
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    I second a look at

    Looks very promising to me.
  10. Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith avatar
    10 posts
    08 Oct 2009
    09 Jun 2010
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    I know that AbleCommerce recently introduced Sitefinity integration. Check out this site:
  11. Stevo
    Stevo avatar
    20 posts
    09 Sep 2007
    16 Aug 2010
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    We have built a tightly integrated eCommerce system for Sitefinity.
    Check out
    You can download a fully operational evaluation version.
  12. jenny
    jenny avatar
    1 posts
    13 Nov 2010
    13 Nov 2010
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    We dealt with many major projects in e-commerce. If you have any sort of interest please let me know, so that i can help you.
    Ecommerce Hosting
    Ecommerce Solutions
  13. bemara57
    bemara57 avatar
    135 posts
    27 Mar 2008
    14 Nov 2010
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    I personally like AbleCommerce. Sometimes you need a standalone software to accomplish the vast e-Commerce needs. The e-Commerce spectrum is wide and it really depends on your business and industry.

    There is a very simple Orders Module I released that lets people buy things from your site. It lets you put an order form on any page for visitors to checkout through Paypal or pay by check. It is a good start for any site:

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