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Road Map & Custom Extensibility

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  1. Jason Barnes
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    01 Mar 2007
    31 Jul 2007
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    I've been using Sitefinity now for less than a week and I already have built 4 custom controls and have a very happy client. My next lesson will be in creating new modules. (I have tons of ideas for new modules that extend current functionality and provide new functionality.)

    I am curious if there are any existing modules available for instant use, out-of-the-box (or close) by other developers? Or, if we could get more information about future modules from Telerik?  I'd like to avoid developing something that is already on someone's plate.

    I think Sitefinity is a great candidate for having a centralized software repository similar to the likes of the mobile software industry,, u3 software central, etc. I also like the idea of some open source projects.

    Just a few thoughts…

  2. Slavo
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    24 Sep 2012
    01 Aug 2007
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    Hello Jason Barnes,

    Thank you very much for the suggestions.

    Currently, we are working on a Forums module, that will come with the 3.1 release of Sitefinity. When we plan what modules will be built for future versions, you will be able to find this information in the roadmap on
    Many of our clients develop modules for themselves, and you can always post in the forums and find others interested in this. We still do not have an official repository, but we plan to establish a code library for sharing any useful Sitefinity tools developed by us or third parties. Unfortunately, we cannot commit to a timeframe for now, as we are concentrated on the development for the next version and adding features to the product.
    We greatly value your feedback. Please share any other suggestions you might have and we will consider implementing them in the future.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered